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NBC Primetime Spotlights Green Living

NBC PRIMETIME STEPS INTO THE GREEN SPOTLIGHT FOR 'GREEN IS UNIVERSAL'S' ANNUAL 'GREEN WEED,' Nov. 15- 22  "30 Rock," "Biggest Loser," "Heroes," "Community," And "The Office" To Include "Green" Story Elements

Al Gore Makes Guest Cameo On "30 Rock"

NEW YORK - November 11, 2009 - NBC Primetime steps into the green spotlight for "Green is Universal's" annual "Green Week," which kicks off November 15th. "30 Rock," "Biggest Loser," "Community, and "The Office," will include "green" story elements.

It's not just the real life suits at GE and NBCU who are delivering green mandates these days?  Now Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is getting into the act. In the November 19th episode of "30 Rock," Donaghy tells the show's staff to reduce its carbon footprint by 5%, per orders from the parent company.

Though Donaghy is skeptical of this corporate mandate, he puts Kenneth The Page in charge of making sure the show achieves its goal. In addition, former Vice President Al Gore makes his second guest appearance on the show in connection to the green storyline.

Ironically, in reality, "30 Rock" is one of the "greenest" shows produced for NBC Universal. In addition to basic recycling efforts, the show has removed water bottles and installed water filters. 30 Rock's caterer uses compostable products, and the offices have switched to "green" chemical-free cleaning products. Additionally, 30 Rock rents hybrids for both talent and crew.

"These green episodes are a fun and entertaining way to raise environmental awareness," said Beth Colleton, VP of "Green is Universal." "We are also very committed to green production practices at NBC Universal. To further facilitate that goal, 'Green Is Universal' has published comprehensive green production guides for both film and TV, which we hope will encourage eco-friendly practices across our company as well as the industry at large."

Additional "green" highlights in primetime include:

In "Community," "Greendale Community college" is renamed "Environ-Dale." And in an effort to be green, the college students hire the famous "Green Day" band, but unfortunately discover it's really a Celtic group with the similar-sounding moniker "Greene Daeye."

Dwight Schrute from "The Office" gets into a green character, assuming the role of "Recyclops."

The "The Biggest Loser" trainers will offer green tips, such as buying locally grown, organic produce and bringing a mug to your local coffee shop, instead of using a paper cup.

"Heroes" includes a scene with members of the carnival loading a pick up truck with recyclables. Robert Knepper's character, Samuel, talks to Masi Oka's character, Hiro, about giving back to the earth since it has given so much to them.

About Green is Universal

Launched in May 2007, "Green is Universal" is NBC Universal's ongoing green initiative dedicated to raising Green awareness, effecting positive change to the environment, and greening its own operations. Throughout the year, NBC Universal uses it numerous media and entertainment platforms to educate the public on the environment, with over 250 hours of green-themed content airing across 42 NBCU brands.

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