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Camilla Belle Volume Enhanced Hairstyle How To

Camilla Belle With Volume Enhanced Crown

Camilla Belle Volume Enhanced Hairstyle How To

Camilla Belle (born October 2, 1986 in Los Angeles) is Brazilian on her mother's side. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

The raven haired beauty was ranked #3 on the list of "Most Beautiful Faces 2009".   Camilla never fails to turn heads with her array of gorgeous hairstyles she showcases.

Lately Camilla has been wearing her hair with lots of lush volume throughout the top of her head and her crown.

Volume Enhanced Hairstyle How To

Although her volume enhanced hairstyles might look complicated, you can copy her hairstyles with a few simple tricks.

To copy her lush crown focused volume follow the steps below:

1. On newly washed and blow-dried strands separate hair adjacent to the hairline, along the top of the head and at the crown into individual 1 1/2" sections.

Camilla Belle With Volume Enhanced Crown Hairstyle

2. Use a 100% boar bristle brush or a teasing comb to back com and backcomb the sections of hair closest to the hairline.  Work from the hairline back to the crown of the head teasing hair to desired height.

3.  One desired height is achieved, use fingers to light smooth down the hair.

4.  Use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush to smooth newly back combed hair up and off the hairline.

5. Direct hair back into a ponytail with a base positioned slightly below the crown of the head.

6.  Use palm of hand to gently push hair up from the crown towards the hair.  Then secure the pony into a Bungee, Blax or similar hair friendly elastic in the same color as hair.

7.  Lift the pony's tail. Wrap it up and over the top of the base of the pony creating a loose chignon.

8.  Secure the bun to your head using bobby pins the same color as your natural hair.

9. Spritz the newly formed bun with a shine enhancing hairspray.

Camilla Belle Volume Enhanced Hairstyle

10. To add megawatt shimmer apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands, massage together and swipe over the top and back of the finished hairstyle.

11.  As a final step slide an elastic headband the same color as the hair a few inches back from the hairline.  Use fingers to gently lift hair up to create the bump like Camilla's.


Camilla Belle's volume enhanced hairstyle is easy to create.

You can easily adjust the volume or bump depending upon where you position the headband back from the hairline and how much you back comb the tresses from the hairline to the crown.  Experiment until you achieve the volume you desire.

To achieve a more dramatic contrast  between the hairline and the crown areas apply the headband right behind the ears.

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