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Twilight's Ashley Greene Gets Hair Extensions For Longer, Softer Hairstyle

Ashley Greene With Long Hair Extensions

Twilight's Ashley Greene Gets Hair Extensions For Longer, Softer Hairstyle

As reported by E Online and the fabulous Ted Casablanca, actress Ashley Greene has gone with much longer hair extensions to totally change up her look.

Ashley who is one of the "Twilight girls" has been creating lots of media buzz as a result of her new found fame as one of Edward's vampire "sisters".

In the books it's Ashley (Alice Cullen) who befriends the bewildered Bella. Fans of the book series initially attacked Ashley for being too tall and having too much hair to play the part of Alice.

Even though Ashley stood out for her character's short pixie choppy haircut, which made hair news when the first Twilight movie was released, some fans still thought it wasn't short enough, which Ashley addressed at the time.

I personally thought Ashley had an edgy look compared to the other female vampires. Whether it was too short or not....who really cares? Seriously.

As reported by E Online Ashley has been very recently spotted with much longer tresses (to the middle of her back) applied to her natural length by hairdresser Essly Powel who is based in Los Angeles at the Parlour on 3rd. Essly created Ashley's new hair look with long semi-perm fusion style hair extensions.

Ashley Greene And Kristen Stewart

While it's true that bonded hair extensions can quickly transform short hair to long, it does require proper care and handling to extend the life of the extensions.

For anyone considering changing their hair from short or medium to longer, I always suggest experimenting first with clip-in extensions or even a clip-in ponytail to get the feel for add-on hair.

While clip-in extensions are definitely temporary, lasting only one day at a time, they are easy to clip in, cause very little, if any damage, to your natural tresses and give you the ability to try out longer tresses without the financial commitment.

Note: offers the complete line of Jessica Simpson clip-in extensions, clip-in ponytail and clip-in bangs from HairDo in a wide range of colors, styles and in human, synthetic or heat stylable options.

Although bonded hair extensions have come down significantly in price over the years since they were first introduced, good quality extensions which consist of the highest quality human hair are still not cheap. Since Ashley Greene had her hair extensions applied at a salon by a professional, it's likely she spent a pretty penny for the hair and the bonding system utilized.

Ashley Greene With Long Wavy Hair

Take Your Time And Weight Options Carefully

When it comes to hair extensions it's always best to take your time and carefully weigh all of your options before committing to undergoing the process.

I strongly advise you to play with clip-in ponytails and/or extensions (which come in all types of textures, colors, lengths and styles) to see if you like how you look with a much longer hairstyle.

Believe it or not, I receive many emails from people who opted for very expensive hair extensions only to find out that they didn't like all the maintenance requirements and were surprised by the amount of work fusion style hair extensions can require on a daily basis.

Hair extension expert Barbara Lhotan (New York, Washington D.C., Dallas celeb hairdresser) who has been working with Great Lengths and SoCap, for years, told me that the biggest mistake hair extension customers make is not taking the time to carefully brush their hair two or three times a day to make sure their natural hair doesn't become tangled up with the extension tresses.

She also said that most of her hair extension clients want to wash the hair extensions as soon as they get home and it's very important to not let water or shampoo touch new extensions for up to three days to allow the bonds to completely harden and settle.

Fusion Style Extension Challenges

Ashley Greene Long Brunette Hair

Other challenges with fusion style extensions? While they can offer wonderful options for many, it's important to care for them even more consistently then your real hair.

That includes avoiding overuse of hot tools (blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers) and avoiding any application of chemicals or heavy styling products which can shorten the ultimate life of the hair. It also means using high quality shampoo and conditioners to keep the bonded hair soft, silky and moisturized.

Hair extensions should be washed as infrequently as appropriate and the extended hair sections should always be dried to avoid the bonds swelling and slipping out of the hair sooner than expected. When hair extensions are allowed to remain wet for an extended period of time the bonds may soften and extensions may fall out as a result.

In many ways, hair extensions require even more TLC than natural hair because they are more likely to become tangled. Barbara ( recommends sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case and to either pull hair into a loose pony, braid it or wrap it up in a loose bun to protect it from tangling during sleep.

While having hair extensions applied can offer many wonderful new hairstyles and looks, like any hair treatments or changes, always do your homework before you make your final commitment.

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