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Jason Bateman Confirms Arrested Development Film Is A Go

Jason Kent Bateman (Born January 14, 1969 in Rye, New York) is an American film and television actor best known for his role as Michael Bluth on the television sitcom "Arrested Development" (2003).

(Image of Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman - Couples Retreat - All Rights Reserved ©2009 Universal Studios - All rights reserved)

He was also known for his role on "Silver Spoons" (1982) as a child actor although he made his TV debut as James Cooper Ingalls in "Little House on the Prairie" (1974).

There has been ongoing rumors that the TV sitcom, "Arrested Development" would be made into a movie but the rumors have been a series of dead ends.

This week when he appeared on Ellen Degeneres he confirmed to Ellen that the Arrested Development movie is definitely a go.

Ellen talked about the "brilliantly funny Arrested Development" and how Jason played Portia's brother.

Ellen asked Jason if the rumors that Ron Howard was going to do an Arrested Development film was really going to happen?

(Image of Faizon Love and Jason Bateman - Couples Retreat - ©2009 Universal Studios - All rights reserved)

Jason confirmed "it is going to happen with Ron Howard".  He said "its being written" at the present time.  The crowd went nuts with applause once they heard the news.  Jason said he believes "the script, which is now being written, will be done by the end of the year or so."  He said it's his belief "filming will start sometime in 2010 and the film will probably be released sometime in 2010."

Jason apologized "there's not a lot of new pieces of information about the film but it has been slow going."  He said he misses it (the show) and he loved it.  He also told Ellen he was "a huge fan of the show." Of course Jason played the role of Portia's (Ellen's wife) brother.

Jason told Ellen "I needed it (the TV series)" because he wasn't really "working at the time" and it "was a great opportunity for him."

"Arrested Development" was definitely a big role for Jason.  In 2005, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, for his long time role in "Arrested Development" (2003).

Jason wed actress Amanda Anka (daughter of singer Paul Anka) in Malibu, California, in 2003. Their first child, Francesca Nora Bateman, was born in Los Angeles on October 28, 2006.

(Image of Jason Bateman - Couples Retreat - ©2009 Universal Studios - All rights reserved)

He was on Ellen Degenere's daytime talk show to promote his latest film appearance in Couples Retreat where he plays the husband of Kristen Bell.  Ellen announced Jason's appearance by first showing a clip of the Couples Retreat film by saying how funny the film is.

As Jason entered Ellen's stage he received a huge round of applause. Ellen said "please welcome the adorable Jason Bateman."  Ellen and Jason danced together before sitting down.  Jason was wearing a beautiful sweater with patches on the elbows over a white shirt and jeans.

Ellen said "Hi're adorable.  You look good, you look great."  Jason said "Hi Ellen, thank you."  Jason, responding to the audience applause said "they have to do that, they have to do that" and Ellen said no, they don't have to do that. They could have sort of clapped like that.  No it was genuine." It was "genuine"  Jason said "it seemed genuine."  Then he commented on Ellen's shoes, he said "great shoes."

When Ellen asked Jason how he was doing he said "I don't feel fantastic. I'm a little fatigued.  My daughter, she didn't have a great night's sleep last night."

He continued talking about his daughter "she's got a phlegm thing that kept her up last night, so I'm a little bit tired.  And then I drove her to school and then I get all the way back to where I am going to go running.  And I get a call from the stern headmistress on my phone, just before I get out the car."

I was this close, he demonstrates with his fingers how close he was to being out of the car.....and she doesn't even announce herself.  She says 'your daughter's got a 103 temperature.  And I mean I didn't know this.  I swear.  I didn't."

Jason explained "now if Francesca (his daughter) wanted to take a turn for the worse somewhere in the morning, I didn't feel her forehead.  I just thought. So I had to go back there to pick her up and I get a hairy eyeball from everybody in the school like that I'm either dropping my kid off so they deal with her sickness or I'm trying to infect the entire student body, both of which may have been true, but I won't admit to any of it."

Jason continued explaining his deal with his daughter.  He said "anyway, so I pick her up and then I've got to put her in the car and take her back and she's crying and she's not comfortable, but she's starting to doze off a little bit and I figure that's great because maybe she'll get better when one sleeps."

Ellen said "kids like cars"  Jason said "yeah, cars, they're like rolling Ambient right?"

He continued "so I get her on a highway so I can do a lot of speed because somehow that puts her out so she puts her head back in the the thing as opposed it to falling forward and her waking up.  So I try to carry a lot of speed on the highway and I incorporated a semi shimmy on the wheel cause it gets the head going just a little bit which is the whole thing of the rocking, and he demonstrates rocking a baby in his arms. You want to get the head moving like a bobble head."

Ellen exclaimed "not at 80 miles an hour you don't."

Jason said "this is where like a driving skill hopefully comes into play which I like to think I have but it got a little, I got a little carried away with it because she really started to doze off so I get the shimmy and a little bit."

He said "now people are starting to pass me and giving me looks like 'oh look who's drinking at 10:30 in the morning.' Which was awful. I got a couple of horn honks which woke her up.  So not a great morning today.  So thank you for saying I looked good."

Ellen questioned Jason "you were going to run after all that?"

Jason confirmed "I was going to run after all that.  Because you know. I don't know why I bother.  I'm 40 now and I'm running 6 miles a day. I should look like a Kenyan by now.  But I don't."

He seemed frustrated and said "I'm not a big fat thing but I'm not a male model by any stretch by here or here (he pointed to his face and his body).  So I'm about to hit F--It and just embrace the fact my body's built to be about 10 or 15 pounds heavier.  And I'm like running, like I'm running from the police to look like this.  But I should look better running 6 miles a day.  So if I just eliminate that I'll get an extra 2 hours of sleep per day and I'll just become chubby funny best friend.  And I can make a respectable living doing that.  Forget the leading man crap."

Ellen said "No, I think you are a leading man, I think you're a very talented actor, and I think you're very handsome"

Jason said "OK, I'll do it. I'll keep it up, I'll keep it up."  Ellen said "all you need it this" and she handed him a dumbbell and said all you need to do is "just shake it."

Jason says "really?' and he started shaking the dumbbell much to the delight of the audience.  Ellen joined him.  Ellen said "this is the woman's version, you have the man's version."  Jason said "oh this doesn't have batteries?  I have the battery one at home."   Ellen and Jason sat together in their chairs on stage shaking the dumbbells together.

Ellen said "Alright."  Jason said "you have to find a less offensive way to hold those things."  Jason told Ellen "you're going to be late night before we're done with this episode."

The segment ended with Ellen reminding Jason he agreed to dunk someone to raise money.   Ellen made a point of saying "we're back with the handsome leading man - Jason Bateman."  Jason said "you guys know how to put it out there to make a girl feel pretty."

The segment ended.

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