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Kristen Bell Admits She Was Loopy On Sudafed Red Bull Cocktail During Press Junket

Kristen Bell Spills The Beans About Sudafed & Red Bull Cocktail On Bonnie Hunt on Friday, October 9, 2009

Beautiful, blonde Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Heroes and the voice of Gossip Girls) was the first guest on my favorite Daytime Talk Show - The Bonnie Hunt Show - today.

(Image of Kristen Bell and Jason Bateman - Couples Retreat - All Rights Reserved - 2009).

She looked stunning (when doesn't she?), as always, in a knee-length fitted powder silver/gray strapless faux partial bustier topped dress.  Her baby blonde tresses were tousled into a very light wave pattern with the strands falling just past her shoulders.  Kristen's hair was worn brushed off her stunning face with an off-center front part.

Bonnie and Kristen had great chemistry but in all fairness it's hard not to have great chemistry with Bonnie Hunt.  Bonnie teased Kristen about having something like "17 films out" right now which led to a discussion of press junkets for Kristen's two movie releases - Couples Retreat and Astro Boy.

Kristen has been traveling around and told Bonnie "I have two movies coming out this month, I didn't know they would be released so close together, but we got to go back to Bora Bora for the press junket (for Couples Retreat) which was really lucky and then we went to Australia and it's hard sometimes when you're traveling so much not to get a little sick and I definitely came down with something towards the end of it."

Bonnie said "ooohh I'm sorry" and Kristen said "that's alright I'm over it now, but it was interesting because we did a press date for Astro Boy last Sunday and I had taken a Sudafed (because she was still sick) in the morning, but we started so early that I also had some Red Bull (on top of the Sudafed) and that is quiteeeee a mixture. Ladies and Gentleman I would not....."  Kristen was indicated the combo is not recommended.

Kristen Bell "and the way you do a press tour, the reason you see you many interviews is because you sit in a room at a hotel and they have" the lighting all set up "and there's a camera over your shoulder and they bring a journalist in and they ask you sorta the same questions and the whole time they were filtering these journalists in."

Kristen continued "I was just loopy and I kept leaning back to the camera guy and saying 'am I making any sense?' to the camera guy. Kristen said "so we'll see, if anyone sees those interviews I apologize if they weren't....."

Bonnie Hunt "nooooo I'm sure you were fine. But you do, because you're answering the same questions over and over your like...did I already say this?

Kristen and Bonnie also discussed Kristen's relationship with Dax Shepard, her start in the acting biz and other topics of great interest.  If you love Kristen Bell, Bonnie Hunt or both of these ladies it would be a great treat if you can find today's interview online.

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