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Khloe Kardashian Misses Living With Kourtney And Not Worried About Women Throwing Panties At Her New Husband

Permanent View talk show co-hostess Whoopi Goldberg was getting obviously irritated this morning (Friday, October 9, 2009) when Khloe Kardashian appeared on ABC's The View in the rotating guest hostess spot vacated by Elisabeth Hasselbeck out on pregnancy leave.

(Khloe Kardashian on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice - 2009 - All Rights Reserved).

Why was Whoopi irritated?  Because Sherri Shepherd was literally dominating the table talk with Khloe and not covering news about Joy Behar (BAY'-hahr) and Sherri's new Lifetime show.

Sherri Shepherd was sitting right next to Khloe who recently married basketball star Lamar Odom.  Khloe showed photos of her recent wedding and talked about her sister Kourtney's pregnancy.

Khloe said Kourtney is so cute pregnant (a photo of Kourtney in her bridesmaid gown was highlighted on the screen) because she is "so tiny".  When asked if she missed living with her sister, Khloe said she really did miss her.  Khloe explained when she and Kourtney were filming their show in Miami they were living together.

However, after Kourtney found out she was pregnant Khloe knew she would have to move out, which she did.  But she said she really does miss her sister.

Sherri was gushing about Khloe's ring which she confirmed was nine carats.  The View cameras closed in on Khloe's hand which was beautifully manicured with black nail polish and topped off by a huge diamond ring which truly was blinding.  In fact, Sherri made a point of saying the ring was blinding her eyes.

As Sherri was making a big deal out of Khloe's ring she also asked about how it felt to date and marry an NBA star.  Sherri said she would worry about other women coming onto her man and throwing their panties at him.

Whoopi appeared even more irritated when Khloe's ring was highlighted.  She made a famous Whoopi comment as Sherri talked about women throwing their panties at Khloe's new man.

Khloe talked about how much her man was "into her" and how "they talk 1,000 times a day on the phone" but previous NBA boyfriends would go for days and not be in touch.

Khloe told the View women she felt there was such a strong connection between her and her new husband unlike a connection she had ever experienced before.  From her words, it appeared Khloe was not worried that her man would be the ongoing target of panty throwing female hotties.

Meanwhile an obviously irritated Whoopi interrupted the talk between Sherri and Khloe to talk about Joy's upcoming show and Sherri's recent premiere.

Khloe looked gorgeous in a simple black dress showing off her recent 30 pound weight loss which sister Kim announced recently to the media.  Khloe's chocolate brown hair was worn long, cascading down past her shoulders with soft waves.

Ironically at one point as Whoopi, Joy and Khloe were looking at baby products for celebrity moms Khloe was wandering around eating in the background.  Obviously she's feeling great about her body and comfortable eating on camera.  Good for Khloe.

I have to confess Khloe has always been my favorite Kardashian sister and I am happy to see her living a good life.

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