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Big Brother 11: Jordan & Jeff Early Morning Pillow Talk In Head Of Household Room

I just checked into the Real Feed at 7:19 am Central Time which is 5:19 am Pacific Time and Jordan and Jeff were laying in bed in the Head of Household (HoH) room.

They were chatting nonstop about Jeff's taste in women, great baby names, how men and women play games, jealousy and other fun topics including Russell who Jeff deemed "is phony baloney".

(Image of Jeff, 30 years old, of Norridge, IL (outside of Chicago) on Big Brother 11 -Sunday, August 16th, on the CBS Television Network.  Photo: Best possible screen grab/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

It felt like listening in on a brand new couple who were falling in love and getting to know each other by having pillow talk in the middle of the night.  Jeff and Jordan were laughing, giggling and teasing each other.

After going through a list of baby names they liked Jordan kept pummeling Jeff for his taste in women and kept coming up with lots of names of celebrities and other women to get Jeff's opinion.

Jeff told Jordan "I like hot chicks".  Jordan said she knew that Jeff liked "Victoria Secret girls" and hot chicks.  Jeff teased Jordan and said "I'm going to be cranky if we talk all night.  I'm going to choke you out."

Jordan asked Jeff what he thought about "Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer?"  Jeff said he "loved her."  He noted "I love Jennifer Love Hewitt because she's like the girl next door."  He told Jordan he really likes "girls that are cute and girls next door."

Jordan said "it stinks that you don't any of the girls where I'm from that we could talk about."

Jordan asked Jeff "do you remember the girl from the movie 'Remember The Titans'?  The little blonde girl?  She looks like Hayden Panettiere."  Jeff said "is that really Hayden Panettiere"?  Jeff said "I don't think she's that great.  I think she's good but she doesn't seem like my type."

Note: Hayden Panettiere did co-star in 'Remember The Titans'.

Jordan seemed surprised Jeff wasn't that into Hayden.  She said "really".  Jeff said "she's cute but too young for me."

Jordan said "what about Vanessa Minnillo?"  Jeff said "she's hot, but there's way hotter chicks." Jordan continued throwing names out and said "what about the girl from The Notebook - Rachel McAdams?"  Jeff said "I love that girl.  She's way hot."  Jordan said "she reminds me of the girl in The Poet."

Then Jordan asked about Claire Danes from TV's My So Called Life.  Jordan said Claire was in the movie 'The Family Stone' with Sarah Jessica Parker.  Jordan was trying to describe Claire to Jeff and said "she's got blonde hair and she was in a movie where she got locked up in another country."  Jeff said "her nose is kinda big, she has big nostrils" but Jeff said "I like her eyes."

Jeff told Jordan "I like girl next door types like Alyssa Milano.  I like cute girls."  Jordan said "oh yeah, she (Alyssa) was in Charmed."

Jordan said what about "Cameron Diaz?"  Jeff said "it seems like she has a good personality, but she's not that good looking."  She continued and said what about Christina Applegate?  Jeff said "she's better than Cameron Diaz, but still not that good."

She said "Daisy and Jess from Rock of Love?"  Jeff said Daisy is "a little squeaky for me".  He said "Jess is much cuter than Daisy."

Jordan threw out Julia Robert's name.  Jeff said "she's good, but..there's still more....better women."  Jordan said "I loved her in Pretty Woman"  Jeff said "yeah, she was good in that."

She said "Julia Stiles in The Last Dance?" "Jeff said, no, I don't like her."  Jordan continued with "Amanda Bynes in 'She's The Man'?"  Jeff didn't recognize who Amanda Bynes was.  Jordan tried to give several examples of parts Amanda Bynes played, but Jeff still didn't recognize her.  Jeff said "who the F*** is she?  Did she have blonde hair and brown eyes?"

Jeff said "I like Rachel Leigh Cook in 'She's All That' with Freddie Prince Jr. At the mention of Freddie Prinze Jr. Jordan asked about his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Jeff said he "wasn't that hot about Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Jeff said "I like Drew Barrymore.  She's a go.  Chalk me up for Drew Barrymore.  She seems like someone I could date."

Jordan asked Jeff about Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears to which Jeff replied "not really my style."  Then Jordan said Jeff about "Jessica Simpson?"  Jeff was very enthusiastic about Jessica and said "I love her, I would F****** marry her."  Jordan agreed about Jessica and said "anyone would" want to marry her.

She said what about "LC on Laguna Beach?"  Jeff said he "liked LC, but he liked Kristin Cavallari better and said "Kristin is really cute."

Jordan said "I like how she (LC) dresses LC"  Jeff said "I like her, she's cute, but she seems to be high maintenance."  Jordan said "I'm going flake here - trying to think of movies to name more actresses."

Jordan threw out the name "Anna Kournikova - tennis player - long blonde hair".  Jeff said "yeah, I would definitely have fun with her.  Plus she's got an accent, so chalk me up.  I'm all about accents."  He said "where did you pull Anna Kournivoa from?"  Jordan said "I love her.  My dad loves her."

Jeff said "I like this game."  Jordan agreed.  She then asked Jeff about "Mary Kate and Ashley Olson?"  Jeff jesitated for a second and said "nah, maybe because they're rich."  Jordan said "what does that matter? She said "they dress weird."  Jeff said "no, not really (about their money), they're not my style."

Jordan asked about "Pink".  Jeff said "I don't know, she has good hair, she seems cool, but nah, not my type."

So what about "Celine Dion?"  Jeff said "noooo too old."  Jordan asked "Mariah Carey?" Jeff said "she makes me sick.  I don't like her attitude.  So prissy.  I hate that shit.  It makes people ugly.  Chalk me up for no."  Jordan said "I liked Mariah Carey back in the 90s.  She was cuter then."

Jordan asked about "Kim Kardashian?" Jeff said "she's definitely sexy.  I definitely have to go yeahhhhh."  Jordan said "if you'd said no to Kim I would definitely have to hit you."

She threw out "Christina Ricci."  Jeff said "who is that?"  Jordan said "the girl in Casper." Jeff said no, no, no."  He laughed and said "especially in Casper."

Jordan asked about "Beyonce" Jeff said "too sassy for me.  She seems like she'd be high maintenance too."

Jordan said "let me think of one last and final one."  Jeff said "every single woman you named I wouldn't kick them out of bed for eating cookies."   Jordan mentioned High School Musical and the dark haired girl.  Jeff said "Vanessa Hudgens?"  Jorday said "yeah."  Jeff replied "she's young, but I still love her, she's super hot.  Chalk me up for a super yes."

Jeff asked Jordan if she reads People Magazine and Jordan said "yeah, I do."

Jeff said "how about Jordan Lloyd?"  Jeff said "she a super hot bitch.  She's smokin hot.  She's bitching.  Her personality's the hottest."  Jordan laughed andsaid "even though I get moody?"

Jeff said "I would say 95% of the time you're awesome."  Jordan said "what about the other percent?"   Jeff said "the other 5% percent you're not bad."  He continued "I think about it like this.  I can't even stand myself and I'm me and you're around me 24/7 and you're good with me.  It's hard to spend 24/7 with somebody."

Jordan said "I know what you're saying, I feel you."  Jeff said "for us to get along its been pretty good."  Jordan said "we had to learn to get along"  and Jeff said "there was no choice"  Jordan said "its been you and me together since the beginning."

Jordan then said "what about Katie Holmes?  When she was in Dawson's Creek?"  Jeff said "yeah, she was really my style in Dawson's Creek.  But Katie Holmes as part of Katie Holmes and Tom"  Jordan said "I don't like her hair now."

Jordan asked "Angelina Jolie?"  Jeff said "she's super hot, but she's kinda weird."  Jordan replied "I bet her and Brad Pitt have some really hot sex."  Jeff agreed with Jordan's conclusion.

She then said "Jennifer Aniston?"  Jeff said "yes, yeah, I like Jennifer Aniston."  He paused and told Jordan he was "trying to think who he liked better, Jennifer Anison or Angelina Jolie".  Jeff never answered that thought.  He let it drop.

Jeff told Jordan "I love Kate Beckinsale.  Chalk her up for a super gold star.  And she's got an accent.  I lovvvve her.  she's super hot."

Jordan said what about the girl in 'Blue Crush'...Kate? what's her name?"  Jeff said "Kate Bosworth?"  He told Jordan "she's super hot in Blue Crush".  Jeff said "she's awesome in that movie, but sometimes I see her out and she's too skinny."  Jordan said "she looks like the girl next door."

Jeff said "are you done?"  Jordan said "yeah".

Jeff said "are we going to sleep now?"  Jordan said "yeah" then Jeff said "well we could fool around."  Jordan said "noooooo Jeff."  She then said "why are you always about fooling around?"  Jeff said "I'm just kidding you."

Then Jeff and Jordan talked about being "salty" if either of them went, had fun and hooked up with other "smokin hot House Guests".  Jordan and Jeff discussed whether Jeff would hook up with Lydia and Jeff said "no, he wouldn't hook up with Lydia."  He also said "he wouldn't hook up with Laura either."

They also discussed if they would miss each other then one of them got voted off.

No Games

Jeff told Jordan he doesn't like games and if he a chick is "playing games" then "I'm out".  Jeff told Jordan he "doesn't waste time with stuff".  Jeff said "maybe when I was young, I try not to play games anymore because all you do is fight and it's not worth it."

Jordan said "I'm more jealous as I get older, I don't know why."  Jordan said "jealous or not comes with trust.  If I was 100% sure that a guy liked me and I knew they wouldn't cheat on me it wouldn't bother me one bit if I was in a room wearing sweat pants and there was another pretty girl in the room, I wouldn't get jealous."

Jeff said "that would be awesome if you could be like that and have trust for your guy." Then they discussed how Jeff often uses the phrase "I'm out."  Jordan did say she believes "most men cheat."

Jeff and Jordan continued to discuss "looking at the menu" of other guys and women but "not ordering it" with regard to whether or not men and women cheat.

At that point they continued to talk about random topics and the fact they needed to try and get some shut eye, which apparently they did.

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