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Big Brother 11: Mortal Enemies Lydia & Natalie Become BFFs

In an odd twist of fate Houseguests Lydia, the special effects make-up artist and Natalie, the martial arts expert, have instantly morphed from hated enemies and rivals for the attentions of body builder Jessie, to BFFs.  Why?  Jessie of course.

(Image of Lydia from Big Brother 11 on CBS - All Rights Reserved).

When Jeff chose to use his secret Wizard power and save Lydia and Russell from eviction, he also decided to put Jessie and Natalie on the block in their place.  Jessie was voted off leaving Lydia and Natalie sad, angry and bitter.  It also made them best friends forever (BFF) because the guy they were originally fighting over had left them.

Not only are they hanging out and eating microwave popcorn together, they are plotting and planning revenge on Jeff who caused Jessie to be sent home.

Ironically neither of the two young women have won a single contest.  In many ways they are the two weakest links in the house and most at risk for being put back up on the block.  Lydia has already survived three times on the eviction block without being sent home.  Natalie has survived one.

Meanwhile Jeff and Jordan are bounding with Russell and Michele and henging out in the Head of Household (HoH) room where Michele and Jordan are sharing some of their embarrasing secrets about their lives.  It is definitely an odd and bizarre sequence of events but what do you expect from the Big Brother house?

Since Jessie was the first to be sent to the special Jury Room to wait for the Final Two, if either Lydia or Natalie get evicted this week they will wind up spending alone time with their crush.  I wonder if they have thought of that?  If so, they should be volunteering to be evicted.

Who knows what will happen next and its anyone's bet.

Stay tuned.

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