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Jeremy Piven Got Busted? Click...Purple Screen Appears On Big Brother 11

OK, I'll admit it, I have lost my mind on Big Brother 11.  Even worse, my Twitter friend who hooked me up may not even know since I have been waiting for 10 long days for a simple password reset for my HairBoutique Twitter account.

(Image of House Guest Jordan snacking in the Big Brother Kitchen in a Live Feed on Friday, 8/7/09 at approximately 3:30 CST - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Meanwhile I am watching the Live Feeds of Big Brother and it is fascinating.  Now I know what it's like to be a Peeping Tom or Tomasina Person.

What fascinates me the most about the Real Feeds is that when one of the House Guests starts talking about something inappropriately the Live Feed screen suddenly flashes an image of fish tank and the cameras show a purple screen.

This just happened about 10 minutes ago when Lydia, Jeff and Jordan were having a conversation in the kitchen about little people.  Jordan was talking about dwarfs - her exact words - and the fact there have never been little people on the show before.

At one point the Lydia said "didn't Jeremy Piven get busted?" and then zap - the purple screen appeared with an image of a fish tank.  Why?  Were the House Guests about to talk about actory Jeremy Piven in a way which might open up CBS to a lawsuit?  Or do they just edit as they go?

The topics the House Guests discuss are truly bizarre.  Besides the fact that Jordan, Jeff and Lydia discussed the pros and cons of whether or not little people could be on the show without the house being set up special, there was brief talk about

The House Guests even mentioned they could use Twitter while they were in the house.  I feel ya on that one since I can no longer Tweet under my HairBoutique Twitter account.  I am still praying to the gods of Twitter to please reset my password so I can start Tweeting but still no word on that front.

Meanwhile the House Guests are not allowed to keep track of time in any way since it is against the Big Brother rules.  There was a brief mention of Russell using an eye liner pencil to write down the dates but then he was told by Big Brother to stop.

Jordan also talked about how the Rolling Stones are her all time favorite rock group, how pretty Britney Spears is and Jeff mentioned meeting Hugh Hefner at one point.

Like I said in a previous blog...if you're not watching Big Brother in the Live Feeds and you love the show, you will really appreciate what goes on behind the scenes which never actually appears in the one hour show.

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