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Combine Better Health With Chic Accessories - L Michaels Designer Magnetic Jewelry

Accessorize your way to better health this season!

Although looking good is important - feeling good in today's tough economic climate is a top priority.

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Introducing a new line of healing jewelry that is helping people feel their best both inside and out! Think re-trend in magnetic therapy...

L Michaels Designer Magnetic Jewelry is where health and style combine.

This savvy new accessory line offers therapeutic and health benefits, while featuring eye-catching jewelry for today's fashionista.

L Michaels' magnets have a well respected reputation for helping with tendonitis, carpal tunnel and improving overall energy by creating a magnetic field deep beneath the skin.

Each of their unisex bracelets are lightweight and interchangeable with over 200 different styles/sizes to choose from among their bracelets, anklets, chokers, necklaces, and rings - the style selection will suit any taste.

Every style of the unisex jewelry is composed of 40-150 individual, 5,000 gauss, sintered, Neodymium magnets. They are the strongest static magnets for their size that are available today.

They are coated a number of times with nickel, copper, epoxy, and gold if gold is used. They are surprisingly lightweight and require no clasp.

Each item is held together by the polarities of the individual magnets that comprise it. They can be pulled apart (with effort) at any juncture in order to put them on or take them off. They come in a variety of stylish designs and can be tailored for any size.

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