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Spiritual Hair Experiences: Michael Motorcycle Hair Salon In Dallas, Texas

Right after was officially launched in 1997 I made a personal journey down to see Michael Kolar aka Motorcycle at the Michael Motorcycle Hair Salon in uptown Dallas.

He was charming and welcoming but definitely a hair guru with his opinions about hair.

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At that time Michael was famous for his own long hair, the book he had written about hairlines and his unusual approach to dealing with hair.

Although some reporters have defined what Michael does as Feng Shui for your hair, I respectfully disagree.  After studying traditional Chinese Feng Shui which involves complicated formulas, I would classify what Michael does as providing a holistic or spiritual experience.

First of all it should be clarified that there really is a Michael who owns and provides his special blend of spiritual hair dressers.  I would personally describe Michael's methodology as closer to aura or energy reading.

This is because Michael reads his client's "inherited personality traits" based on the direction their tresses grown.   Whether your hair is naturally curly or stick straight, Michael is inspired by ancient Chinese philosophies.  Through your hair Michael helps you "find your soul."

New Hairdressing Clients

All of Michael's new hairdressing clients are instructed to arrive at the hair salon with their tresses styled the way they usually wear their hair.  Then Michael studies the way the client's hair grows from their scalp.  He also analyzes the texture of the hair.  Is it straight, wavy or naturally curly?  He studies every aspect of his client's hair growth patterns.

While studying the hair Michael asks his clients "how they feel about their hair and themselves," he reports.  Michael believes that "everything is connected."   Besides studying the hair's growth pattern Michael taps into the various chakras.  He studies the energy that is emitted from the body's key energy center.

Since the brow chakra and throat chakra are closely tied to the head and the hair, he studies these with more focus than any of the other chakras.  Regardless of the texture - straight, curly or wavy - Michael will pull individual strands straight down to determine which chakras are pointed to.

Because Michael believes his work in "a process" he requires his clients to commit to visiting him three times before he is finished creating their final haircut.

Michael explained the need for three haircuts.  He said.... "we cut, you go home and experience it, work with it,"  He advises his clients to keep a hair journal where you actually "mark on the calendar when you like your hair and when you don't like it and why."  Michael asks you to return to his shop so he can review the good and bad dates."

The Motorcycle man believes finding the ideal haircut and hairstyle is truly a metamorphosis.

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Michael Motorcycle believes the flow of a person's hair tells a story and reveals their personality. He reads hairlines and says he's broken the code to a special language.  If you feel your hair and its needs have never totally been understood, Michael Motorcycle and his hair reading skills may be just what you're looking for in order to find total hair happiness.

As advertised on his website, all hair appointments at Michael Motorcycle include a head and neck massage, a hairline reading, lots of deep breathing and a promise that your dreams will come true.  At the end of your appointment you will hear a final, reverberating GONG!

How Did He Become Michael Motorcycle?

Michael Kolar, who is now 62ish added the Motorcycle moniker after a “life-changing experience” in which his water bed burst, he decided to sell his motorcycle as he stood in the remains of the burst bed and literally later a man banged on his door asking to buy said bike.

Michael has a very prestigeous hair background having studied at Vidal Sassoon and he has worked on an impressive list of celebrities heads over the years.  He is a beloved hair force in Dallas, Texas.

Michael Motorcycle's salon is located at: 4503 Travis Street, Dallas, Texas 75205. To make an appointment with Michael call  (214) 526-2261.  You can also visit his website at:

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