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Nancy O'Dell Shows Humility, Sincerity, Heart At NAHA 2009 Awards

Northern American Hairstyling Awards - NAHA 2009 - Cosmoprof North America - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Northern American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) were held July 19, 2009 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  NAHA was celebrating their 20th anniversary in existence.

To honor the event a new NAHA Award was presented.  The first annual Beautiful Humanitarian Award (BHA) was presented to the gorgeous blonde Nancy O'Dell of Access Hollywood for her tireless dedication to charitable work for a number of worthwhile causes.

(Image of Lee Rizzuto, Jr - Chairman of Professional Beauty Association - PBA - and Senior VP or Conair/Babyliss/Rusk - Image by Edan Kencayd - - All Rights Reserved).

Sonya Dove of The Doves Introduced Lee Rizzuto Jr.

Sonya Dove of the famous hairdressing Doves said "the award is a new award and it's something that's never been awarded in the past."

The famous hairdresser noted the award is from the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).

She said "it's really honoring someone that isn't only beautiful from the outside" but its someone who is beautiful on the inside.

(Image of Nancy O'Dell at NAHA on July 20, 2009 - Image by Edan Kencayd - - All Rights Reserved).

At this point Sonya Dove introduced PBA Chairman and Senior VP of Conair/Babyliss and Rusk, Lee Rizzuto Jr.

Lee walked onto the stage and started his introduction of the Beautiful Humanitarian Award by saying "tonight's a wonderful night with record attendance and a room full of energy."

Lee explained this year PBA created this new award to recognize a public figure who exemplifies both beauty on the inside and out.

The PBA Beautiful Humanitarian Award winner is someone who has a great sense of style but more importantly is the champion of charitable causes.  As a wife, a mother with her first book recently published Full Of Life and of course co-anchor of Access Hollywood Nancy O'Dell is more than just a pretty face.  But a women who has given back and made it a priority in her life.

As a national ALS ambassador, Vice President of Muscular Dystrophy, National spokesperson for March of Dimes, The USA Ambassador for child's health and an International Board Member for Best Buddies as well as a member of The American Red Cross please join me in honoring Nancy O'Dell as the 2009 Beautiful Humanitarian Award winner.

(Image of Nancy O'Dell accepting award at NAHA 2009 - Las Vegas Nevada - Image by Edan Kencayd - - All Rights Reserved).

Nancy walked up onto the stage in a very sleek and short little black dress with her perfectly highlights golden blonde hair softly waved.  Nancy first thanked Mr. Rizzuto and the PBA "very much."  She also thanked NAHA and said "oh my goodness, I appreciate this very much."  She said "I feel like I won the Oscars and the funny thing is I've been doing the Oscars for 13 years now and they're never given me an Oscar yet.  So I appreciate it.  I feel like I'm taking one home."

Nancy continued by saying "I thank you all so very much.  I can't even tell you how much I love people in the beauty industry because I depend upon you guys so very much, I mean, afterall if you think about it.

For my job, daily, I have to stand by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry... so thank you, thank you, to all your beautiful professional people out there who give me the beauty I need to stand by the likes of these people.  I'll tell you what, it sure does make a difference having you guys in my life."

(Image of Nancy O'Dell accepting award at NAHA 2009 - Las Vegas Nevada - Image by Edan Kencayd - - All Rights Reserved).

Nancy went on by giving a little example of what happened to her recently.  She told how she was in the grocery store the other day and had just come from an event and explained she was looking fabulous with really shiny hair and shiny stuff on her face.

She said all her makeup and beauty experts ahd used all their fabulous beauty tools and curling irons on her and she looked great.  While she was in the grocery store after the event she said a little girl came up to her and talked to her where she said she was buying hotdogs.

The little girl told Nancy about her day and how she went to Disneyworld and then went to Seaworld and saw the dolphins and the whales.  Then the little girls said she loved Nancy and asked if Nancy loved her too.  Nancy said of course she loved the little girl at which point the little girl's mother came running over and apologized.

Nancy told the mother not to worry because she felt wonderful that the little girl was such a fan of Access Hollywood.  At which point the mother said "oh no...she think's you're Barbie".

Nancy said "and just when I was getting inflated because afterall Barbie has a Double D until she had a second experience with another little girl.  She explained that she and her husband were going on a trip and it was too hard to lug all the various hair and beauty products so they decided to just go au natural on the plane.  So she didn't take any of her "faubulous products you guys give to me" and she didn't have her "stylist with me."

Nancy goes into another grocery store and when yet another little girl comes up to her she thinks to herself "good, I'm Barbie again."  The little girl punches her mom and the mother says you're Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood right?  Then the little girl says "she looks different than she does on TV".  Which of course was a comment on the fact Nancy wasn't all made up with fabulous hair products and hairstyling.

To continue to express her appreciation for the industry Nancy told a third story about a very good friend who had jet black hair and wanted to go blonde.  Nancy said and because of the "most amazing products" you guys have Nancy's friend was "literally a blonde" after she got her hair colored.    Nancy said she looked like a natural blonde.  In fact au natural, so natural blonde.

Nancy said her friend was so excited about the transformation of her hair color from black to blonde she wanted to show it to Nancy.  So Nancy asked where her friend wanted to meet to show off her new blonde tresses.  And the friend, in her new blonde way said "at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk."

Nancy also said "by the way I want to make sure you all know that my blonde comes out of a bottle."

She continued "but in all seriousness though" I really appreciate the award because the charity work I do has made my life so much more enhanced.  The March of Dimes is in the business of saving baby's lives and to be a spokesperson for them...I can't even imagine...having a little baby girl.  If she stubs her toe I have to have a sedative, because you worry so much about your children. So I can't even imagine having a child in a life threatening situation.

The March of Dimes has saved so many lives.  The Red Cross..I've seen their work first hand.  She explained she was in hard news reporting before she was with Access Hollywood and she went to Hurricane Hugo in South Caroline and in Miami after Hurricane Andrew and to Los Angeles after the big earthquake.  She then said "you probably want to ask me where I'm moving next so you don't move there."

Nancy said "but I did see the incredible work the Red Cross did" during those disasters, so it's a honor to be part of them."  Best Buddies enhanced her life so much because she has seen firsthand what they do.  The foster friendships and partnerships for people with mental challenges and her aunt has Down's Syndrome.  And she so wished they had been around when her aunt was alive because of the friendships they help these people form so they don't feel so isolated.

Nancy also talked about her work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).   She explained that her own mother had died from ALS approximately one year ago.  Nancy said the MDA walked in the day her mom was diagnosed and said "Nancy we will literally be there for you every step of the way - and they do this for everyone - we will be there for you.  We'll tell you what treatments you need, we'll help you get the equipment.  And they were there, every single day."

Nancy said "when we had no idea what to do next" because (ALS) is a disease that is not very well known.  She said to be an amabassador for them is truly "my honor".  She also said to be honored for her work with MDA makes her feel humbled.

In her closing Nancy said "to give you a final thought on how much you guys do - a friend of Nancy's was a hairstylist and a make-up artist.  She said that ALS destroys your muscles and so at the end of her mom's life she wasn't able to smile very well.   Nancy she said she wanted to get a picture of her mom and her daughter and her together.   And my friend who was a stylist and had all these wonderful products said she would love to do hair and makeup and bring all my fancy tools and products for your mom.

And Nancy's mom said "I would love that."  So Nancy's friend, the stylist, did up her mom "all beautiful" and Nancy said her mom at that moment, even though she couldn't really smile, felt beautiful again at that moment.  Nancy said because of her friend her mom was able to feel beautiful again at that moment.    She said what the people in the beauty industry do is make people feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.  Nancy said "so that's what you guys do for people.  I sure do appreciate you.  Some of my hairstylists are my best friends."

Nancy ended by saying "this award means so much to me and its a pleasure to be amongst all of you talented people.  She gave a shout out to Gerard and Jim from the Rusk Creative Team who did her hair for her.  She said "thank you very much".

She thanked Lee Rizzuto and her makeup artist for the night and everyone and then left the stage with Lee Rizzuto, Jr.

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