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Tyrese Gibson - 70 Tattoos & Favorite Autobot Transformer Tatts

The July 6th issue of People Magazine caught up with the handsome actor/singer/model, Tyrese Gibson to ask him some questions about his work and private life.

(Image from Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen Star - All Rights Reserved).

Tyrese confessed to have over 70 tattoos.  In fact, he told People Magazine that "both of my arms have sleeves and are fully covered."

When asked about his favorite tat he said "The Autobot Transformers on my forearm."  He got the Autobot Transformer tatts "while they were filming" The Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen Star.

People Magazine asked Tyrese about his phobias.  He said he's afraid of "owls".  As a result of his owl phobia which he's had since he was young, he's "never seen any of the Harry Potter movies because of all the owls".  Of course he has also not been to Hooters but that may have been Tyrese being funny.

Besides his movie career, which continues to blow up, Tyrese, who is a big Twitter fan, maintains his multi-platinum selling music career.   It was recently announced that the very busy multi-talented performer is also getting ready to jump into the comic book trade. recently reported Tyrese is "teaming up with comics legend Todd McFarlane and the Image Comics team to publish "Mayhem!" next month."  The highly anticipated "Mayhem!" will hit shelves on August 5th and you can pre-order now if you want to make sure you get your copy at Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen Star .

Who is Mayhem?  If you aren't in the know...Tyrese explained to MTV the comic's main character is a "gun-slinging vigilante who seeks refuge from the basement of a church,"

Mayhem, who wears a mask to cover up some of his scars & other attributes and because "he's ashamed of his face" actually resembles the actor/singer/model in more ways than one. "He's like a modern-day Robin Hood, who wants to take from the bad and give it back to the good and do whatever he can do to make life better in L.A."

The good news for anyone attending Comic-Con?  Tyrese will be bringing Mayhem to the huge convention.

Is Mayhem also headed for the big screen?  Not at the present time.  Tyrese was adamant that right now the goal is to create the very best comic book possible. “No,” he said in Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen Star . “Right now, my one-and-only focus is making this the best comic book it can be.”

“The fans get kind of ‘I don't know’ about comic books when your main intention is to turn it into a video game, merchandising, and all of this,” Tyrese explained. “So, there are no plans to turn it into a film or any other intellectual property. We are just going to focus on making this into the best comic book.”

When the Mayhem people finally decide to take that plunge and turn Mayhem into a Movie hopefully they do not let Fox Studios buy the property, unless they don't want the movie to follow the comic book that they are so closely trying to develop.

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