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Handbag Supplier Launches Trendy Flip Flop Line

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Supplier Launches Trendy Flip Flops Line

Best Handbag Wholesale, a leading supplier of wholesale handbags and accessories, announces the launch of wholesale flip-flops footwear line featuring western-inspired print and style combinations for the summer.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 9, 2009 -- Just in time for summer, Best Handbag Wholesale, a leading distributor of women's wholesale handbags and accessories, launches a trendy new line of flip flops that will be the most talked about item in fashion footwear. Best Handbag Wholesale is the exclusive distributor of the HNS (HideNSole) brand of wholesale flip flops that feature a variety of western-inspired accents like rhinestone studs, hair-on-hide, camouflage fabric, and crystal bling embellishments.

Best Handbag Wholesale specializes in providing the best quality cowhide flip flops at true wholesale prices and now offers the HNS brand of flip-flops footwear for style-conscious summer trendsetters. With the casual lifestyle becoming more popular, the bar is raised higher for sandal and flip flops manufacturers to deliver high-quality footwear that is unique, stylish, and comfortable.

While Birkenstock and Clarks paved the way for flip flops as fashionable footwear, a whole new breed of manufacturers and distributors are clamoring for a foothold in the flip flops market, and Best Handbag Wholesale, with their exclusive partnership with HNS, is ready to bring western-inspired flip flops to the summer market.

Featuring genuine cowhide for durability and comfort, the HNS flip flops are rugged enough for outdoors and stylish enough to be worn indoors at semi-formal events, gatherings, or whatever the occasion may be. The Best Handbag Wholesale collection includes several designer accents, such as straps decorated with rhinestone crystals and studs and hair-on-hide material.

For the launch of the line, Best Handbag has chosen several color models to select from, including black, pink, camouflage, and animal prints. In addition to strap decorations on the front and sides, the HNS flip flops also feature large decorative ornaments placed in the center.

With genuine cowhide leather and high-quality leatherette material, shimmering rhinestone studs and ornaments, and a wide variety of other western gemstones, the Best Handbag Wholesale flip flops collection is a treasure trove of authentic western-theme footwear and accessories that look great in both urban and rural settings.

Best Handbag Wholesale has carved out a niche with authentic western-inspired accessories that could evolve into mass appeal. As America celebrates another year of independence, many style mavens are turning to the great American Southwest for culture, vacations, and, of course, fashion.

Offering high-quality merchandise to our retail shops gives Best Handbag Wholesale the edge when it comes to delivering authentic western-inspired accessories like designer-inspired women's handbags and accompanying accessories.

Best Handbag Wholesale is a leading supplier and distributor of accessories featuring the latest designs in women's handbags, belts, wallets, hats, and jewelry. With a design team spread across four different parts of the world, including Europe, China, South America, and Irving, TX, Best Handbag Wholesale has over nine years' experience delivering high-quality merchandise to retailers in the United States and abroad.

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