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Sultry Brunette Haired Ashley Tisdale Turns 24 Today - Leaves Blonde Tresses Behind

Happy Birthday to the newly sultry brunette Ashley Tisdale who fans have loved as spoiled rotten fashion plate Sharpay.

Ironically both Ashley and that other famous hair color chameleon, Lindsay Lohan, are celebrating another year of life today.

Ashley who is famous for her prima dona role in The "High School Musical" movies turns 24 years old today, while Miss "Mean Girls" Linds Lohan turns 23 years of age.'

(Image of Ashley Tisdale - Performing live at The Grove in Los Angeles - June 27, 2009 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ashley is among the many celebrities to offer kind public words following Michael Jackson's death - telling the world that Michael was a major influence for her.  Ashley said "I've loved Michael Jackson, his music, his music videos," Tisdale said. "I mean, the man made music videos what they are today. So, I've always been inspired by him. I think he's such a great dancer."

Last week on June 27th Ashley performed at the famous Grove in Los Angeles where she wowed her fans with her edgy long brunette tresses which she appropriately flipped and whipped throughout her wild and sassy performance with the microphone.

Ashley was spotted by the media returning from a trip to the hair salon yesterday (July 1, 2009).   The "High School Musical" hottie kept her legions of fans in the know, tweeting on Twitter, "Getting my hair done!"

Right now Ashley is working hard to promote her second musical production which is titled 'Guilty Pleasure'.  The High School Musical cutie has told the media she was "involved in every aspect of the album's production".  She has confessed she was inspired by Lady GaGa.

(Image of Ashley Tisdale - Performing live at The Grove in Los Angeles - June 27, 2009 - - All Rights Reserved).

She told long blonde tresses "I definitely want an album I would listen to," she says.

Her favorite track, "What If," was a collaboration with American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, who Ashley calls "a talented person who knows what she's doing."

"'What If' was the last song the former blonde recorded, and "I just feel like it's the most personal".

She said "It makes me very vulnerable, I think, for everybody to hear it. I don't want to talk specifics, but the song is about when you're in a relationship, and you get into arguments, you're always willing to try and save the relationship. You're willing to work things out -- but the other person is always willing to walk away.  So at the end of the day, without all those games, if I needed you, would you be there for me?"

(Image of Ashley Tisdale - Performing live at The Grove in Los Angeles - June 27, 2009 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ashley is also continuing to act and at the end of July she will appear in Aliens in the Attic.  She has insisted she will not be appearing in High School Musical 4 and neither will her former famous castmates.

Going Brunette To Help Amp Up Her Recording Career

Why did Ashley trade in her famous long blonde tresses for her recent cherry chocolate strands?  She confessed "I'd been a blonde for five years; Disney wanted us to be those characters. But the new songs I was working on felt edgier, sort of back to how I was before 'High School Musical.' I wanted to show people a side of me they haven't seen before."

What do you think?  Do you love Ashley as a brunette or do you miss her beautiful blonde tresses?

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