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Perez Hilton Experiences Instant Karma

Internet Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton (who has always been very nice to me) has become very famous for his many online, very public celebrity feuds since he began his blogging career at and ultimately

Perez eventually proclaimed himself as "Queen of All Media" as a tongue in cheek personal commentary about his sexual preference and his love of all form of the media.

(Perez Hilton with Amanda Bynes - - All Rights Reserved).

Unfortunately while his ongoing feuds with many celebs brought him legions of fans, he became the enemy of many celebrities who were outraged at the names he called them and the signature white scribbles he affixed flowing from their noses to indicate drugs.

He also used his famous white pen to draw male sexual organs on various celebs - both male and female.  Which of course incensed them even further.

Unfortunately the way karma works is that what goes around comes around.  Not always immediately, but at some point the Universe comes calling.

It seems to be the case for Perez who had a very famous altercation with the much beloved Black Eye Peas' at the Much Music Awards in Canada last week.  Perez called a f**king f*ggot.

Perez who has been very outspoken in favor of gay rights to the point of causing an uproar at the recent Miss USA pageant seemed to be speaking out of two sides of his mouth by attacking with a gay slur.  Not only did the media react in outrage, so did many of the fans and long time celeb friends of Perez.

In fact, part of the media blitz against Perez was linked back to the days he attacked Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy for supposedly attacking another actor with a gay slur.   At the time Perez claimed Isaiah was homophobic.  Now the media is pointing out that he turned around and does the same thing to Will.iam.

Not only is the media and the celebrities outraged, many of Perez' fans are incensed.  Currently there are many petitions buzzing around the Internet asking that his site be completely removed from the Web.  Another petition is requested that his current nomination for the Teen Choice Awards be eliminated.  Other petitions are asking that Perez be removed from radio and TV shows and stations.

Learning Who Your True Friends Are

When you hit a crisis you learn who your real friends are.  Perez is also experiencing friend Karma.  John Mayer blasted Perez for his actions and called him a Dumb S**t and noted that he "lacks control."  KTLA news anchor Sam Rubin dedicated a part of his morning broadcast slamming Perez for dishing the dirt and not being able to take it himself.

The gay community is also up in arms.  Since they have been Perez' staunchest supporters due to his fight for gay rights and against gay slurs, many are now upset and angry.

Perez's anti gay slurs against has even upset GLAAD, the same organization that gave him his first job in Hollywood. GLAAD released a statement saying, "for someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, 'the worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,' is incredibly dangerous."

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