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Mary McDonnell Tangles With Kyra Sedgwick On The Closer

Kyra Sedgwick who is spectacular as Chief Brenda Lee Johnson recently had a hard day on the most recent episode of TNT's fabulous series the Closer.

In the episode dated June 22, 2009 - Red Tape - guest star Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin in Battlestar Galactica) played an internal affairs Captain who locked horns with Chief Johnson over a pending criminal investigation.

(Image of J.K. Simmons, Mary McDonnell, Kyra Sedgwick - The Closer on TNT - Photo Credit by Karen Neal - All Rights Reserved).

The investigation swirled around Sergeant David Gabriel (Corey Reynolds) who was accused of shooting an innocent victim, which brought down the wrath of the grim Internal Affairs Captain in the form of Mary McDonnell. 

The red haired captain and the blonde Chief mixed together like oil and water.  Although no fists were flying, the words definitely wore.

Chief Brenda Lee Johnson wanted to protect her team member even though recently Sergeant Gabriel had fallen out of favor with Brenda due to an internal romance with a formed team member.  Chief Johnson stepped up and fought like a lioness protecting one of her cubs.

The scenes between Mary McDonnell and Kyra Sedgewick were spellbinding and full of intense drama.  The addition of Mary as a guest star was brilliant casting.  I was just sad to see her episode end.  Will she be back?  Lets hope so.  She makes a perfect foil for Chief Brenda Lee Johnson.

Of course Chief Brenda Lee Johnson dug her heels in and figured out the truth about the case, closed it (like she always does) and got all charges dropped against Sergeant Gabriel.

The two high ranking police women ended with hissing congratulations to each other.  If the god of The Closer is listening, please bring Mary McDonnell back for more tangles with Kyra.  I for one would be most appreciative.

Death To Kitty

Meanwhile Chief Brenda Lee Johnson's new husband, FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney) had his own struggles to deal with.  The family cat known as Kitty has been ailing over the past several episodes and had one paw in the great Kitty beyond in the sky.

Of course the last thing Brenda wanted to consider was putting her beloved little Kitty out of her pain with a shot from the Vet.    Fritzy, as Brenda calls him, knew the truth and had to have a talk with his wife about the right thing to do for Kitty.  At the end of the show Brenda said goodbye to her cat and I had tears flowing down my cheeks.

Yes, of course, I adore this show and all the characters but you can't watch The Closer without falling madly in love with Chief Brenda Lee and Kyra Sedgwick who does such an amazing job bringing her to life.

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