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Blonde Kyra Sedgwick 2009 SAG Nominee Loves To Dance

Beautiful blonde actress Kyra Sedgwick was on the Ellen Degeneres Talk Show on Friday, January 23, 2009.  Kyra talked about the upcoming Screen Actors Awards (SAG) which aired on Sunday, January 25, 2005 in the evening.

(Image of Kyra Sedgwick at 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen showed a clip of Kyra as Brenda Lee in the hit TNT Series - The Closer where she is wearing a wedding gown in preparation for her wedding.  The clip is hilarious and true to Kyra's character and includes the character's parents.

The Closer actress looked absolutely stunning as she entered onto Ellen's stage with her beautiful blonde hair worn long and lush.

She was wearing a stunning red dress with a hint of orange with heels.

Ellen told Kyra she "looked beautiful, you look fantastic" and Kyra said "so do you". Ellen told Kyra "congratulations on the SAG nomination - that's this Sunday night right?" Kyra replied "Yeah".  Kyra is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

Ellen asked the beautiful actress "are you excited"?  Kyra replied "excited?  Yeah, yeah, I never expect to win but I'm always happy to be invited to the party you know".  Ellen agreed "its a party too, its one of the fun award shows to go to."

Kyra said "absolutely, its not too long, it doesn't like drag on forever".  Ellen said "and a bunch of great people". The actress said "yeah, absolutely"

Ellen asked "now Will Kevin escort you to that"? Kyra confirmed "yes" he would.  Ellen said "now cause you're here, he's there or you're there and he's..."

The star of The Closer said "I'm here for six months out of the year and we sorta figure it out.  And uh, but no he'll be there, he'll be there".  The funnylady asked Kyra "is that fun to go with him?" The actress replied "yeah its great  going with him. Of course I would hate to go alone."

Kyra noted "it's so irritating because he gets ready in 10 minutes and its like two and a half to three hours for me and he just walzes in like about ten minutes before we leave and I say oh honey, honey, we gotta go, we gotta go.  Kevin then throws on tie, suit, out the door".

Ellen laughed and said "you are all such a cute couple.  You just celebrated your 20th Wedding Anniversary?"  Kyra said "yeah, yeah".  Ellen continued "that's amazing".    Kyra agreed "I know, it's a long time".  Ellen inquired "and you have how many kids?"  The Closer star told her "we have two kids - we have a 19 year old and a 17 year old.

Ellen asked about the 20 year anniversary and said "what did you do" to celebrate?  "Did you do something special?"

Kyra replied "in our second year of marriage I said (to Kevin) on our 20th wedding anniversary we have to have a big blow out party with a lot of dancing.  Which is exactly what we did."  Which was no surprise to me since I had heard before that Kyra adores dancing.  It is one of her favorite things to do to have fun and relax.

Ellen asked Kyra "are the kids still living at home?"  She said "no, no, we have one is in college and one is at home with us. It feels so odd you know, that they're gone, that they are leaving".

The hostess was trying to get Kyra to use the world "tonsils" which had been pre-determined as a "secret word".  If Kyra said the word in her normal conversation Ellen's audience would win some cool gifts.  In her efforts to get Kyra to say the word tonsils she asked the actress to "relive" her children's childhoods.  Ellen continued in her quest by saying your kids "they are growing up and they go through so many medical things.  They get sick or a sore throat.  Have they (your kids) gone through things like that?"

Kyra was obviously not aware of the secret word and told Ellen that her kids had indeed gone through all the medical things kids go through.  She told Ellen "you carry the baby for nine months, and its all about the baby,  and you birth the baby and you feed the baby, then your every waking moment is about the baby, their whole life, you wake up in the morning and they are the first thing you think about and you go to bed at night and they are the last thing you think about".

Kyra continued "then they leave.  They just leave.  Not only do they leave you aid in their escape. You find them a college, you pack their bags, you pay for the college, and somehow on some level it just doesn't feel right to me".

Ellen replied "ungrateful bastards". which got a huge laugh from the audience.  Ellen was determined to get the secret word out of Kyra and continued "lets really talk about what they have gone through.  Do they still have their appendix? Have they had like molars?  Do they have their molars?"

Kyra replied "they have their molars and their tonsils".  At that point a loud siren went off and the audience went wild because the secret word was said and they knew they would be getting prizes to take home.

Once Kyra said "tonsils" her time with Ellen came to an end and Ellen thanked her.

Sadly Kyra did not win the 2009 SAG Award for her category but she looked breathtakingly beautiful and had her very handsome husband, Kevin Beacon, by her side as she said she would.

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