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Stacey Oristano's Blonde Beauty Shines On Friday Night Lights

She's blonde, beautiful and plays Mindy Collette, the wild sister of Tyra Collette on NBC's Friday Night Lights.

Mindy Collette is an exotic dancer and the daughter of single mom Angela Collette played wonderfully by Dana Wheeler - Nicholson.

(FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - "Tomorrow's Blues" Episode 313 -Pictured: (l-r) Stacey Oristano as Mindy Collette, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Angela Collette, Adrianne Palicki as Tyra Collette - NBC Photo: Bill Records - Friday, April 10 on NBC - All Rights Reserved).

Although she hasn't had a lot of screen time in the past, hopefully her story will become more prominent now that she's recently married, is pregnant and is basically married to the town's bum.

Billy Riggins played wonderfully by Derek Phillips is basically a loser who drinks a lot of beer and is always looking for a fast buck. Billy marries Mindy (Stacey Oristano) because he loves her, because she's the best he can do in a small town and of course because she just happenes to be pregnant with his baby.

Mindy and Angela Collette are necessary to the plot which showcases the amazing Adrianne Palicki as the troubled but driven Tyra Collette who desperately wants to escape her roots and make something better of herself.

Stacey confirmed my opinion in an interview she did recently with

Stacey told the good folks at "Mindy definitely has her own idea of taste. She's a good-hearted person, and she's genuinely happy in Dillon. It's funny, because I had this conversation with Dana [who plays Tyra's mom] about how, as supporting characters, our whole job is to be exactly what Tyra doesn't want to be."

It's good to know I was on the right track with Tyra, Mindy and her mom.  It was also interesting last season to see Mindy pull a switcheroo on Tyra asking for an elegant tea party for her bridal shower instead of the typical party complete with male strippers.  It's almost as if Mindy was starting to upgrade her standards as a result of Tyra working so hard to be different and escape the trappings of Dillon.

Friday Night Lights does an excellent job of interweaving the lives of the townspeople including the fact that Tyra used to be an item with Tim Riggins who is the younger brother of Billy who wound up marrying Mindy.  Of course such is the life in many small towns.

More About Stacey Oristano

Stacey is a Texas girl born May 6, 1980 in Arlington, Texas which is a hop, skip and jump from Dallas.  The filming for Friday Night Lights is done in Austin, Texas which is close to home for Stacey.

Stacey graduated from College in London, England at Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama. After graduation she was seen in the West End's production of "Steel Magnolias" (as Annelle.) She then moved to New York City where she toured with "Cabaret" (as Sally Bowles.)

Regionally Stacey has preformed in Urinetown (as Hope Cladwell) The Spitfire Grill (as Percy Talbot) The Wild Party (as Quennie) and numerous others. She is also a seasoned concert vocalist having sung in concerts in London, New York, and Dallas. While in New York, Stacey was seen on "Chappelle's Show" and "Tough Crowd with Collin Quinn."

The big question for Stacey at this point is whether Friday Night Lights will live on for another season.  Although the series has never been a big ratings winner, it has a group of diehard fans that refuse to let it die.  Will it be back in the Fall of 2009?  No one knows for sure but hopefully it will.

Note: It was recently announced that Friday Night Lights had been renewed for two more seasons (Four and Five).

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