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Connie Britton Feels Lucky For Friday Night Light Fans

The gorgeous strawberry blonde Connie Britton (March 6, 1968) spends about four months of the year filming in Austin, Texas for the beloved hit Friday Night Lights (FNL).

Connie plays Tami Taylor the wife of the high school football coach.  She just won her very first nomination for the Emmy's and it is very much deserved.  Connie is amazing in her role on FNL.

(Image of Connie Britton - Friday Night Lights - - All Rights Reserved)

Although I'm so happy for Connie I'm sad that the show is most likely going to be canceled.

Connie explained when she's out and about in Austin the fans are great.  She said "Austin is such a great town.  The fans all feel like Friday Night Lights is their show.  Which is the coolest thing in the world.  So when we go there the fans are like 'hey there, how's it going? How's our show going?' it's really great."

Not only does Connie believe Austin is "the best" she noted that the motto of Austin is "keep Austin weird."  She promised "that's for real.  It's fantastic."

Connie said she and the rest of the cast call the fans "FNL fans".

The other interesting thing about FNL fans, from Connie's perspective is how "emotionally invested in the show the fans are."  She said "they don't just want to watch the show.  They want to talk about it afterwards."

The actress said the fact the fans are so invested in the show and the characters is "very nice, very gratifying."

(Image of Connie Britton - Friday Night Lights - - All Rights Reserved)

The multi-talented actress said that everyone on the show "feels very lucky" how much the fans appreciate the show and them.

Although she's been on other shows and in films, Connie said most people know her "primarily as Coach Taylor's wife on Friday Night Lights".

She said "because of the way we shoot the show, with three cameras on all the time...and we don't really rehearse, so it's very improvised.  As a result, "people who watch the show and are in the audience feel like they're just there."

The nature of the show is such that people feel they are part of the show.  She said "you feel like a fly on the wall" of FNL. Which of course "is a great way for us to work.  It's free and easy and spontaneous."  It's great storytelling which has strong authenticity to it.

As a result of the way FNL is shot when Connie runs into people and fans they "feel like they know me and they want to have a ten minute conversation."  She said sometimes people will come up to her and say 'hey I know you' but they won't put it together (FNL) so they'll think they know me from high school or something."

Besides her love for acting and Friday Night Lights Connie is involved with The African's Children's Choir.  She has visited Africa several times including Uganda and Kenya.  She explained that the Choir program is an amazing thing.

The organization takes kids out of wartorn countries and promised them an education through secondary school.  The actress explained that some of the kids actually get to travel all around the world with the choir.  They've performed for Bono and The Queen.  Every single one of the kids go back to their homes in African and begin to change the landscape.  Connie said "it's very gratifying."

Here's hoping Connie wins the Emmy for her much deserved acting on FNL.  I'm also hoping that with all the recognition for the show with the Emmys that maybe it will be renewed for another season.

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