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Bangs Instead Of Botox - Simple Snips Hide Brow Lines

Bangs instead of Botox?

It doesn't seem interchangeable does it? But a simple snip could have the same overall affect to someone's face as those paralyzing toxins.

(Image of Suki Duggan of Donsuki Townhouse Salon - All Rights Reserved)

According to world-renowned stylist and salon owner Suki Duggan of Donsuki Townhouse Salon during the recession, people are cutting back on unnecessary items such as botox.

Bangs give you an easy way to hide those brow lines at a much more affordable price.

About Suki Duggan

Suki Duggan is the owner of Manhattan’s beautiful Donsuki Townhouse Salon ensconced in the uptown world of pampering services, exemplary skills and professional design team members who shine in every aspect of salon and spa client care.

Suki Duggan and her elegant Donsuki Townhouse Salon are regularly in the news as the "go to" place in Manhattan for great-shaped cuts, gorgeous haircolor, skin/spa care services and quality high-performance hair care/styling products that offer the ultimate in healthy, shiny hair.

This stunning salon is located at:

19 East 62nd Street

New York, NY 10021

Phone: 212.826.3397

E-mail: Twitter

Please call for a list of hair and beauty services and to arrange for an appointment to visit.

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