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Kellie Pickler Does Big Sexy Hair With Pajamas & Skydiving

Kellie Pickler was on The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday (Friday, June 5).  Her appearance was multi-pronged.

When the adorable quirkly blonde first appeared on the show she sang for the audience.  Her voice is lovely and she is a great performer to watch and sing along with.

(Image of Kellie Pickler - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved).

It's no surprise Kellie is enjoying a successful post-Idol career in the world of Country Pop music.

Singing In The Audience

Kellie actually walked/danced her way into Ellen's audience and sang to them.  It was definitely cool to watch her perform and interact that closely with the people on the show. In fact, that's exactly what Ellen does when she dances everyday.  She goes into the audience.

It also made me think if she was singing just a few feet from the audience she was probably not lip syncing.   The audience was also singing with her.

Tap And Go Stop Wearing PJs

After she finished singing Kellie joined Ellen on the stage for a wild and crazy chat.  Ellen said she loved to have Kellie on her show because she always had such great stories to tell.  Indeed, Kellie spun a crazy tale about almost getting arrested while driving for doing a "tap and go" which translates to not coming to a full dead stop at a stop sign.

An undercover policeman apparently saw Kellie roll through the stop sign and proceeded to stop her.  Kellie told Ellen she looked great from the neck up when she was stopped by the cop because she had just come from a photoshoot where she had her hair and make-up done but she was wearing her pajamas and bedroom slippers.  Why was Kellie wearing her PJ and slippers in the car when she got stopped by the cop?

Kellie told Ellen because she was doing a photo shoot she just went to it in her PJs and slippers.  She still had those on after she left the shoot and was driving home.

The "tap and go" apparently turned out well because Kellie told Ellen the policeman who stopped her called his friends and she took a bunch of photos with the policeman and signed autographs.  And no, she didn't get a ticket.

Losing Her Driver's License In Her Dryer Vent

The bubbly blond former American Idol sixth place winner on the Fifth Season of Idol explained her friends tease her about not being a very good driver.  Whether she is or not may be debatable.

Kellie also had Ellen laughing and making faces when she told the talk show hostess she had lost her driver's license in her dryer vent - a red front loader - and had to tape it together because it cracked in half.  She also explained to Ellen how she had to use a wire hanger and gum to fish the license out of the vent.

Of course the story was hilarious.  Kellie is a natural comedian with appropriate faces and eye movements which make her quirkly stories even funnier.  Kellie is beautiful, funny and very talented.  A great combination.

Big Sexy Hair - Spray And Play

Apparently Kellie who is a new celebrity spokesmodel for Big Sexy Hair was also supposed to talk about Spray & Play, a Big Sexy Hair hairspray.  Ellen prompted Kellie to discuss the product since she had been spinning on her various crazy but fun tales.

Kellie whose hair was cut in a very cut chin-length bob with lots of root lift and overall volume took the can of hairspray and popped the lid off.  Ellen told Kellie she hoped there was instructions for using the product on the back.  Kellie said you just "spray and play" with your hair.  She demonstrated by spraying her hair and then whipping her head back and forth and musing it with her hands to get a great playful take on her previously styled bob.

Kellie Pickler Wants A Birthday Gift From Ellen

She pointed out to Ellen her birthday is coming up soon (June 28, 1986) and told her she wanted a present from the funny lady.  Ellen asked Kellie what she wanted and without missing a beat, Kellie said she wanted Ellen to go skydiving with her as her birthday present.

Whether they had discussed this option before the show or not, Ellen seemed stunned and then tickled.  Although she laughed and made her various Ellen faces, she was firm about her lack of interest in hurling herself out of an airplance.  Kellie on the other hand seemed thrilled at the idea and will most likely pursue her skydiving quest on her own.

Whether Kellie's agents and other handlers allow their golden talent to take the risk of jumping from a plane at a high altitude may be another story.

Kellie Pickler Opening For Taylor Swift

The very charming Kellie is on tour with Taylor Swift and opens for her.  Media buzz indicates that Kellie and Taylor have hit it off and are having a great time working together.  No surprises there.

Two blonde country singing stars with great hair playing on the road?  Fun, fun, fun.

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