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Kellie Pickler Has A Need For Speed When Driving

Country singing star Kellie Pickler loves to speed in her car.  She also doesn't worry about keeping her driver's license with her which adds to her problems when she gets pulled over by the police.

On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Tuesday, February 16th, the bubbly blonde Pickler coiffed in a sleek bob hairstyle told DeGeneres "oh, I got pulled over again" and Ellen replied "you are the worst driver.  The last time you were here you were talking about how bad you were driving."

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As far as her bad driving goes Kellie maintains "it's not my fault.  Really, I don't understand.  I really don't.  I don't know what I was doing."  Ellen said "well what did they pull you over for?"  Kellie answered matter of fact "45 in a 30" MPH zone."  She threw her hands up and said "that's not bad.  There was nobody on the roads.  It was really late."

Ellen said "yeah, those numbers are just for when people are on the road."  Kellie agreed "yeah.  That's it.  I seriously think if people would.  I can't stand when people drive the speed limit.  Especially on the interstate. It's like, oh my God, get out of my way. That brings out the inner demon in me. I'm not like possessed or nothin. Yeah,  I can't stand to get behind somebody going slow or going the speed limit."

The former American Idol contender explained to Ellen's audience "The speed limit's too slow.  You can always push it and drive five over.  They won't give you a ticket for that."

Getting back to being pulled over she told Ellen "First of all I didn't have my license again.  Cause the last time I talked to you, I still haven't gotten mine redone.  I still have my North Carolina license because that's where I'm from and it doesn't expire until 2011 so I'm just like 'I'm gonna wait until then to get it done' but it's broken in half so I've got it Scotch taped together.  It broke in the dryer, remember the washer and dryer?  It fell down in the vent thing."

(Image of Kellie Pickler - - All Rights Reserved)

Kellie then explained for the audience how to take a wire hanger with four pieces of "chewed up bubble gum" stuck to it and use it to retrieve your license if it falls into the dryer vent like Kellie's.  She promised "your license will come out."

She then explained "No, I got pulled over and the guy goes, he said "have you been drinking and I went 'my grandpa has, he's passed out in the back.  He never drinks.  Okay?  And he did like a shot of Jack Daniels and was like back there just, I don't know.  And I had to do a sobriety test, but I passed, and I did not..."

At that point Kellie flipped around in her seat thinking one of Ellen's production assistants were sneaking up on her like the last time she was on the show.

Kellie and Ellen laughed hysterically along with the audience.  Kellie said "I thought I felt somebody breathing" and she told Ellen since they startled her "I can't tell you how many times I've laid in bed" and heard breathing and been scared as a result of when Ellen frightened her.

Then Ellen showed a clip from a past show where they successfully scared Kellie by sneaking up on her and she screamed and told Ellen 'I hate you'.

Ellen said she didn't know why they booked anyone else on the show with Kellie "cause I could listen to you for an entire hour."

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