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Courteney Cox Feels Hollywood Pressures

One of ABC's newly unveiled shows for the upcoming season is "Cougar Town," which brings Courteney Cox back to network TV as a recently divorced sexy single mother.  Although the critics do not generally have kind words for the new TV show, long time fans of the former Friends cutie are thrilled to see Court, as her friends call her, back on the small screen.

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Even though Jennifer Aniston, Courteney's best friend of 15+ years has had the best transition from Friends to movie star, Courteney has focused her life in other directions ranging from producing to appearing in two seasons of F/X Dirt.

Although Dirt was well-done, in my humble opinion, many TV insiders feel it didn't survive due to the ongoing Writers Strike which prematurely shut down the show.

It never quite recovered after the strike, but then many shows were hurt during that period of time.

A lot of ink has been used to cover the long and successful career as well as personal life and times of Courteney Cox.  The tabloids have hinted at a variety of personal challenges for Courteney, a Gemini, including marital issues with her long term husband, David Arquette and even reported squabbles with her longtime friend Jennifer.  Courteney has been rumored to be somewhat volatile at times letting various pressures from her career, marriage, friendship and challenges of being a Hollywood mom, to cause her to have meltdowns.

Usually her meltdowns are kept hush hush, Hollywood style, but they are whispered about at times with the media making indirect reference when they catch wind of an outburst.

Regardless of her outbursts, I feel nothing but compassion for the famous Friend.  Of course Courteney is human and she is a woman in her 40s (turning 45 on June 15, 1964) in a career and an unforgiving town that does not reward women who age past their 20s.

Somehow 40 year old Jennifer Aniston has managed to break through any age barriers which Courteney is also hoping to do with her new TV show, titled appropriately Cougar.

Courteney told InStyle Magazine in the January 2009 issue that if she wasn't acting she would be "an interior desginer or architect."  The brunette actress is known for her stunning beauty with dark luscious tresses.  She also told InStyle she "swears by Nars cream eye shadow in Mykonos and Kinerase's Pro+Therapy Advanced Repair serum."  She also said if she's "going out" she "lines her eyes with a black Stila pencil."

The beautiful actress confesses to necessary beauty splurging on Dry Contour facials at the Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute in West Hollywood.

Hollywood hairdresser Robert Hallowell who coiffed Courteney on Dirt adored the actress and said she has "perfect hair".  When Robert told me that I had to hear more.

Robert said "Courteney's hair is medium thick with just a slight bend" which means it will do just about anything with ease.  Robert loved working with Courteney.  He also told me her hair is a glorious shade of dark brown which sets off her stunning eyes and skin.

How does Courteney keep her figure?  Of course we all know that actresses have to work hard at looking fabulous because there is constant and intense pressure in Hollywood to look fabulous.  Courteney told InStyle she plays "tennins every weekend."  She said "her dad was a tennis player" and as a result "I've been into it since I was a kid."

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