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Paris Hilton Perfect HairCut - Platinum Blonde Bob With Fringe

I have been watching Paris Hilton's hair transformations for many years.  I have watched her through all different hair lengths, variations of blonde, textures, braids, updos and hair accessories.

Whether you love her or not, Paris Hilton keeps things interesting in the hair styling arena.  Just when you think Paris has settled on a particular hairstyle, she changes it again.

One thing that seems to be true, Paris sticks close to the blonde hues which is wise because she looks fabulous as a blonde.

(Paris Hilton Launches Her New Sunglass Collection by Gripping Eyewear at Vision Expo East 2009 - Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY, USA - 3/27/09 - Janet Mayer /PR Photos - All Rights Reserved - A Special Thank you To PR Photos)

Recently Paris appeared in a gorgeous mid-length bob which was in my humble opinion, one of the most perfect haircuts she has adopted over the many years I have been a Paris hair watcher.

Why do I love this haircut on Paris?  Check out my reasons listed below:

Reasons Why I Love Paris Hilton's Bob Haircut/Hairstyle

1.  The bob is cut with a full eyebrow skimming fringe with the fringe starting deeper through her crown area.  The fringe edges are texturized to create an edgy look which makes her famous blue eyes pop.

2.  The length of the bob is cut so that the bob is slightly longer in the front and shorter throughout the back and along the nape of her neck.  The front side panels are cut at what appears to be a slight angle so that the sides fall in a soft curtain highlighting her cheekb ones and falling just slightly below her jawline.  It is a perfect length for her chin and jawline.

3.  It appears that layeres were skillfully cut through her top sections to create soft yet sassy volume and flow along the crown areas and the back of the hear.

4.  The platinum blonde hue perfectly complements her skin tone and appears to have subtle lowlights and highlights interwoven throughout the platinum base giving her lots of dimension, movement and sexy shine.

Will The Paris Bob Work For All Hair Types & Face Shapes?

Will Paris' bob haircut work for everyone?  In many ways, this haircut can be modified appropriately for many different face shapes.  It might be cut longer or shorter depending on whether the goal was to balance a classic heart shape or soften a strong square jawline.

It is perfect for an oval shape.  It can be modified with extra volume throughout the crown for a thin or oblong shape.

Hair Types & Textures

Paris appears to have hair that is either naturally straight or has been chemically straighened.  Anyone can wear this look although someone with naturally wavy or curly hair would need to either blow dry their tresses straight or have them chemically smoothed to create the same texture as Paris has.

Hair that is thin to medium in texture would be ideal but someone with thick hair could work with their hairdresser to create a similar look.  This hairstyle could be supplemented with clip-in extensions to add move volume or even to add highlights and/or lowlights.

This is an incredibly flexible hairstyle and could easily be changed by adding texture throughout the perimeter, pulling back into a tight faux bun or extending it.

However, this cut would be cute on someone who wishes to showcase natural texture as well.


Paris totally rocks this classic bob not only because it is expertly cut to fit her face shape and play up her fabulous eyes and lips but because the color is skillfully created to reflect lights and shadows to showcase sexy movement and flow.

This is a brilliant haircut and hairstyle for Paris and is designed to work well with her favorite type of hair accessories from hard U shaped headbands to her favorite jeweled bobby pins and flowers.

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