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Truths About The HairBoutique Blog

Even though my name is posted under all of the HairBoutique Blogs as the author, one of the most common questions I'm asked via email is who really  writes The Blog.  The second more frequent question is how are the various blog topics developed.

The truth?  I personally write every single word of every individual blog published as The Hairboutique Blog.  Yes, it's me behind every blog published sharing my own personal opinions, thoughts and observations.

A few years ago I wrote a regular blog for with the title of Hollywood And Mane.  I loved blogging immensely and was very sad when stopped publishing their blogs.  They had a very good reason to stop, but it was a sad day for me.

I missed the daily experience of writing the Hollywood And Mane blog.  Yes, I still write lots of articles for magazines (101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Short Cuts Magazine, Harris Publications,, T&S Software) and other publishing outlets, but blogging resonated very closely to my heart and my love of hair, beauty, fashion, health, celebrity and related topics.

In a way, blogging feels more honest to me than the many other forms of writing I have done since I was in my teens.  Even writing a column for my grade school newspaper was more formal, in my opinion, to the current blogging work I do.

Picking Topics For The HairBoutique Blog

How do I pick the topics I blog about?  From my head and from my heart.  I have confessed in the past about my obsessive/compulsive love of hair, beauty, fashion, health and related topics.  Those topics are in my head at all times, even when I'm sleeping. I dream about new hairstyles and at-home beauty treatments.  Seriously weird but true.

When I'm eating at a restaurant, I'm always checking out the hair of the other patrons or the servers.  If I'm in traffic, I check to see how people are wearing their hair, especially if they have their convertible tops down.  When I read any type of magazines or newspapers, I always first check out the hair, fashion, beauty and related.  Hair, beauty, fashion and related topics are truly my life.  Crazy maybe, but that's how it is.

Blogs spring from my brain non-stop like water pouring out of a facet.  I get blog inspiration from just about everything in my life.  I am so grateful that new ideas are constantly pouring in.  My biggest problem?  If I don't stop and write down the ideas they leave just as fast as the arrive.

The Blog Wrangler Idea

At one point in the past I was advertising for a Blog Wrangler.  Not to write my blogs for me, but to help me with all the pre and post prep work that goes into my blog.  Most people have no idea what goes into creating a really good blog that contains images, links to related topics and websites as well as consistently good grammar and spelling.

I always try to locate appropriate images for each topic, which is sometimes rather time consuming.  I also do my best to edit my work although it's hard, at least for me, to edit what I have just written.

Of course there are also links to appropriate topics and sites that should be added.  Finally, fact checking is something I try to do, even though I have been criticized for not doing enough background work, I do my best with the time I have available.

Following Behind Me To Help With Pre-Post Blog Production

My goal in hiring a Blog Wrangler was to find someone to follow behind my writing and add images, check credits and pay for those images I use (yes, we do pay several photo agencies for the images we use at and to do background checking, spell checking, grammar editing and etc.  Unfortunately the Blog Wrangler I did finally hire did not want to do the production work I needed.  Instead, she had visions of writing her own blog, which is great but didn't help me with my editorial needs.

Currently I have one of the team members editing my blogs behind me so editorial boo-boos I don't catch, she usually does. She has a great eye for editing, and I am lucky to have her following behind me.

My Love Of Blogging

Do I love blogging?  More than anything.  If I had the time and didn't have to put on my CEO hats for my two companies, I would be locked up in my office blogging all day long.  Unfortunately I am limited in how much time I have to blog which is sad because it is one of my favorite things to do.

If you do follow my blog I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for stopping by and for any comments or private emails you send me.  I also get inspiration from my readers and their thoughts.

Finally, I am also the only voice of's Twitter account at  If you want to read shorter bursts of  my hair related thoughts, please follow me there.

More Information

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Social Media Network Information

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