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Gray Haired Winona Ryder Plays Mr. Spock's Mother In New Star Trek Movie

In the current Star Trek Movie actor Zachary Quinto plays a young Spock who has a mother who is human and a father who is Vulcan.  Young Spock's mother?  She was known as Amanda Grayson and was played by a mostly unrecognizable Winona Ryder.

Not only did Winona have limited screen time, she was aged to have gray hair, lots of wrinkles and an unusal dress that was square on top.

Winona didn't have many lines although she had a touching scene with her about-to-be-famous son.  Also, he tried to save her when their home planet of Vulcan was in essence blown up.  Unfortunately she was not standing close enough to her son to be appropriately beamed up and poof, she perished.

It was quite a surprise to see Winona in the film.  I had not read any buzz about her role, which indeed was just a little more than a cameo.  When I saw her I thought, wow, she has certainly been around the movie star block.

I really like Winona in Mr. Deeds and abstained from making any decisions about her famous shoplifting incident.  Having hung around with many media types I often take reports with a grain of salt.  Did I think Winona had sticky fingers?  Who really knows.  Only Winona and the stores that were involved and I don't care to know what actually transpired.

I do care that Winona had her day as a great actress and I am happy to see her making on-screen appearances, even if very small ones.

The Star Trek movie was fabulous.  I have always been a Trekkie and faithfully watched every incarnation of the famous series including the original shows with the original Captain Kirk.  It was great fun and most enjoyable.  Which explains the explosive box office results for the first weekend of the film.  If you love Star Trek, you will probably love this movie.

In the meantime, don't forget to look for Winona wearing a cloak over her gray hair in a scene with her son, Mr. Spock.

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