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Mariah Carey Fights Weight, Diva & Pregnancy Rumors

As reported not too long ago in the media, Mariah Carey can't seem to understand why people call her a diva because she doesn't think she's one.

The famous songbird also doesn't appreciate having her weight gains and losses documented in the press via photos and detailed editorial commentary.

(Image of Mariah Carey at The 2008 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California on November 23, 2008 - - All Rights Reserved).

InTouch Weekly, in their May 4th issue, showcased Mariah's weight history starting with 2001 when she looked incredibly svelte at 140 pounds.

InTouch pointed out that her build was "slender" and indeed it was.  In August of 2006 InTouch printed a photo of Mariah with a prominent belly and an estimated weight of 170 pounds.  InTouch quoted Mariah about her weight challenges as saying:

"I'm really bad with the weight thing.  I go up and down quickly."  Mariah has reportedly said.

A significantly slimmed down Mariah got married in April of 2008 to Nick Cannon and like many newlyweds she eventually started gaining weight.  Although she was estimated to weigh approximately 138 pounds in July of 2008, by April of 2009 the 5'9" songbird was back up to an estimated 175 which she didn't try to hide in a form fitting peach dress.

When the media questioned Mariah's fuller figure and close to 40 pound weight gain as being a new pregnancy, Mariah was not happy.  Neither was her husband Nick, who confessed to liking his wife curvy but not being the focus of fat or weight gain attacks in the press.

Mariah used her Twitter account to debunk the pregnancy rumors and to counterattack the media for pointing out her weight fluctuations.  Nick wants Mariah to be happy and feel comfortable in her own skin but reports have Mariah desperate to shrink back into her skinny jeans.

Besides the media blasts over her weight gain, she also has been criticized for being a diva.

According to Mrs. Cannon, Mariah has endured a lot in her life which has made her a strong person and people often misconstrue her strong will as a characteristic of a diva.

Mariah told the media, when accused of being a diva.... "I have been through a lot that's made me stronger. They say: whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So I've been through that kind of stuff a few times. A lot of people have very different opinions about me and it's difficult to face them and to deal with them and to go on and to say: no, actually you're wrong. I am this, I am not that."

Also often discussed in the media is that Mariah has been known to drive her staff completely nuts and has to have her own customized blinged out everything from butterfly rings to microphones.  She also demands $16,000 penthouse suites and all sorts of perks when she is performing.

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