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Flying First Class With Tina Fey

Well, I am exaggerating a tiny bit about Tina Fey, but read on and you will see why I titled the blog as I did.

The official kickoff starting point for the current road trip to Los Angeles started with a flight from DFW to Burbank on American Airlines.  To be exact, the flight number was 817 which is a good Feng Shui combination.  The reason 817 was a good combo is because the purpose of our road trip was to do interviews, write reviews and hook up with long time partners.  All three of these numbers support those efforts.  Which is part of the reason we selected that particular flight.

They are also good numbers for Edan and I in terms of being compatible with our own Bagua Birth numbers.  Those numbers are all lucky for both of us and that proved to be instantly true.  When we arrived at DFW we discovered we could use Advantage Miles to upgrade to First Class from an oversold coach.  We jumped at the chance since we were both loaded down with tons of "digital stuff" including our notebooks.

Not only did we luck out to use our miles to upgrade, but we both grabbed aisle seats so we could stretch out.  The flight was really nice.

Even more interesting, the First Class Flight Attendant was the spitting image of Tina Fey.  When I first saw her I did a double take.  Then I told her "I'm sure everyone tells you this, but you look just like Tina Fey."  She laughed and said "Yes, both Tina Fey and Sarah Palin."  She was so sweet and funny and incredibly efficient.  I was amazed as I watched her zip by on a plane that was lurching a bit.  Afterall, planes do lurch when they take off.  Right?

Tina's double laughed and told me "I don't mind being asked if I am Tina Fey or Sarah Palin.  I only wish I had either Tina or Sarah's money."  She was so charming, polite and helpful.  American needs to make her a celebrity look-a-like Flight Attendant.  Not to mention she was fantastic and so nice. She did American proud.

The flight was actually so smooth that I really enjoyed it, even though at times I get a little stressed flying (which is another story for another blog). Kudos also to the pilots who were friendly and did an amazing job getting the plane up and down with minimal turbulence.  We left precisiouly on time and arrived preciously on time.

Normally I dread flying, but the combo of using my miles to upgrade, having the opportunity to meet and chat with the Tina Fey lookalike and all the lovely people sitting around me (who were very chatty) was a great experience.  I have to say I really enjoyed my flight, which rarely happens anymore.

Even more interesting was the food in First Class.  Since the flight was early, a breakfast meal was served.  The options included a Spanish cheese omelet with spicy black beans or the cereal and fruit plate.  Edan and I both opted for the omelet which was very good.  At one point I turned around to see Edan, who was sitting behind me, eating the beans off the plate of the passenger sitting next to her.  The passenger was passed out with her head nodding against the window.  Edan looked a little surprised when I caught her but I just shook my head and turned back around.

Later, Edan explained the woman kept passing out in her seat and only ate a little of her breakfast before she was about to surrender it to the Tina Fey lookalike.  Before Tina could swoop down and take the finished tray, Edan had done a little of her own swooping with her fork and polished off the beans, which the passed out passenger had left on her plate.

Yes, it was hilarious, but that's pretty much the daily expectation with Edan.  She has no fear.  Did she have bean related gas?  Not something I had to worry about and the passenger she was sitting next to was passed out so no gas issues there.

I only wish I could have caught Edan snatching spicy beans with my video camera except they're not allowed on the planes during flights.

Like most people I realize that I often take the great things for granted and don't stop to say thank you.  Therefore, I wanted to thank American Airlines for a great flight and to commend them for a great crew on Flight 817 leaving DFW for Burbank.  If all flights were like that one, I would have less fear of flying.

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