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Matthew Perry Dishes About Zac Efron

Ellen started off her show with Matthew Perry by showing a clip of 17 Again which Ellen said is currently the #1 movie at the box office.  She also showed a photo of herself at 17 years of age with big frizzy hair.

The funnylady greeted Matthew when he appeared on stage but she did not hug him.  She said the reason she didn't hug Matthew was because he had told her he was feeling a little under the weather.  Matthew understood why Ellen didn't hug him and said "I have a slight little cold" but "I would like to hug the 17 year old version of you (referring to the first photo Ellen had shown of herself at 17)."

(Image of Matthew Perry - Los Angeles Premiere of '17 Again' 04-19-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen thanked Matthew who described Ellen's photo as "smokin".  Ellen said "well maybe I'll get that look again" and proceeded to flash her photo with big frizzy hair again."

Matthew said "very brave of you to show that on....."  Ellen said "you know what, I've showed them so many times they can't hurt me anymore".  Matthew said "that's a girl you want to hang with though."

Ellen said "yeah really, because you'll feel better about yourself."

After discussing her photo at 17 Ellen told Matthew she hadn't seen him since the birthday party she and Portia had given a few months ago at their house.  She told Matthew he hung out in the kitchen all night and basically "didn't leave the island."

Matthew said "I did. You know I was seized with house jealously.  So I was just like, I'm gonna hang in the kitchen.  Because the problem with going to a party at your house" is then you come back to my house" and "it looks like I'm living in a giant turd."

However, Matthew told Ellen he had a great time and she cut open a Kiwi for him and they shared it in the kitchen.  Matthew said they "had a nice moment".  Ellen said she had never seen a Kiwi before or tasted one.  Apparently Matthew had been holding it and throwing the Kiwi up and down no knowing it was actually a fruit.

Ellen said "and I actually told you it was filled with Vitamin D, I remember this part of it and I opened it and give it to you and you said ummmmmm Vitamin D."  Matthew said "yeah Vitamin D and three months later I have a horrible cold."  Ellen said "that's not why".  Ellen then mentioned her three friends from New Zealand.

Matthew said he didn't understand the big deal about the three people traveling from New Zealand.  As Matthew said "I traveled all the way from The Hollywood Hills today."  Which apparently with traffic is quite an undertaking.

Ellen congratulated Matthew on having the #1 movie, 17 Again, with Zac Effron.  Matthew explained he falls into some sort of void and turns into Zac Efron, so he plays Zac Efron in the future."  Ellen asked Matthew how he felt about that and he said "well, when I first met him I, it was like, you know what, I'll be back, I have to go to the gym for three years."  Matthew continued "but then I decided to go the other way and I went right up to him and said "take a good look pal, 20 years from now."

Ellen told Matthew " you're fine, that's not bad at all, you're a good looking fellow".  Matthew said "he's a good guy and he was great in the movie...and I taught him everything."

Matthew talked about Twitter with Ellen.  He said he tweeted that he just had 1/2 a sandwich.  He said he only had 666 followers which is Satan's number.  Ellen and Matthew joked about having a devil worship Twitter site.  It was quite entertaining.

Matthew talked about his Twitter photo on the site.  Ellen asked why he chose that picture and Matthew said "he was very realized, that's Maui".  Ellen then showed a photo of Zac Effron swinging on a poll looked super hot.  Ellen pointed out Matthew was at the same photo shoot and should use that photo on his Twitter page rather than one he's using.  Matthew joked that the day Zac was shot swing on the poll was winding.   Ellen then did a juxtaposition of Matthew on a pole but sitting at the top.

After the segment where Ellen and Matthew chatted about his new hit movie and jumping on Twitter, Matthew and Ellen played a word game.  As he was leaving the show he made a point to walk over and shake hands with Ellen's special guests from New Zealand.

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