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Patricia Arquette Has Attack Bunny

The lovely Emmy award winner, Patricia Arquette, star of Medium, was on The Ellen Show today (April 13, 2009).  Ellen played a clip from the show and told her audience that her guest,  Patricia stars on the hit show.   Ellen is a huge fan.  She mentioned that several times throughout the interview.

(Patricia Arquette - at the 7th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview hosted by Diamond Information Center and InStyle Magazine - Beverly Hills, Hotel, Beveryl Hills, CA.  01-10-08 - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen gave Patricia a big hug and greeted the beautiful blonde who is now wearing her hair bone-straight and longer.  Her famous bob hairstyle has grown out.  Ellen told her it was good to see her and wished Patrica Arquette a Happy Birthday and asked her if it was last week?" Patricia said "on the 8th (April 8th)."

Patricia's Birthday

The funny lady asked "and did you have a good one?"  Patricia said "yeah well I turned 41."  Ellen said "no, no" and Patricia said very intensely "I look good,  for my age. Other actresses lie but I tell the truth."  Ellen laughed, "the older you make it, then you look better."  Patricia said "it does."  Ellen said "do you care about your age?  Do you say how old you are?"

Patricia's Two Kids

Patricia said "Oh yeah, I'm 41."  The audience applauded.  Ellen said "you're getting better." She told Ellen "yeah, it's good."  Ellen said "and you have kids?"  Patricia said "I do, I have two, my son's 20 my greatest birthday surprise.  You know I called him and I guess they were fetching a little birthday surprise dinner.  I knew something was up because I called him and I said "what's going on, I'm just checking in" and he said 'mom I want to take you to dinner for your birthday.' I was like...ooohhh..I almost had a heart attack and died."

Ellen said "that's great" and Patricia said "something's going on."  Ellen said "I can't believe you have a 20 year old son."  Patricia said "yeah, and a six year old."

Ellen said "can you believe you have a 20 year old son?  And a six year old?" Ellen said "but 20, isn't that shocking to you?" Patricia said "It is, its weird when they get hairy.  You go 'wohhh, what happened you were just a baby?' Ellen said "yeah, it's a boy, right?"  Patricia laughed and said "he's a man now."

Ellen said "you come from a very creative family.  Are you that kind of mom, are you a hippie mom or a strict mom?  At that point Ellen showed a picture of Patricia Arquette with the rest of the Arquette family.  Ellen said "here a picture of your siblings, what a creative family that is.  I mean, where you always like that growing up.  All of you?"

Patricia said "yeah, I mean, there were five of us and to avoid us killing each other my mom was always kinda (saying to one of the kids) now you, make a story about gnomes with this paper and you, come over here and lets do this project together.  So we were constantly doing different artistic things.  And when we play with our kids now people will watch and they'll say 'is that how actors play with their kids?' cause I'll be like a dying bear and she'll be like the mama bear and we're hungry and we're forging for berries.  Or something like that."

Ellen said "that's a horribly sad story."  Patricia laughed and said "they're usually tragedies."  Ellen said "they should be happier stories. You're a dying bear...and...."  Patricia said "well she (her daughter) she masterminds everything, she's the director and she'll always go "you're doing wrong."

Patricia's Daughter Thinks She Is Slumpy

Ellen asked "do they think you're cool though?"  Patricia "umm, I don't know.  She doesn't, she likes to style me.  She doesn't like the way I dress.  She always says "you always look slumpy" and I'm like oh my god.  She will go and get the most inappropriate clothes out of my closet and be like 'wear this' and it will be two sizes too small and leopard number.  She wants me to wear it."  Ellen said "well it is in your closet Patricia.  You just said she went to your closet."  Patricia was laughing and said "I know."

Attack Bunny

Ellen asked "and you have animals at home?"  Patricia said "I have two, yeah."  Ellen said "what do you have?"  Patricia said "we have a little puppy, Periwinkle, he's a chocolate Red Deer Chihuahua and we have a really scary bunny."  Ellen laughed "now are you making that up as a game?  A scary bunny? Or is it really a scary bunny?"

Patricia said "no ever since we got it, its been mean, its whole life. Its been like an attack bunny ever since we ever got it.  I don't know why?"

Ellen asked "what's it attacking?"  Patricia said "everyone, anything, it's mean."  Ellen said "then it needs another bunny or something.  There must be a reason for the attack?"  Patricia said "it did have a little hysterical pregnant period. We got through that, it just, it attacks the dog.  It's fearless."

Ellen was incredulous she asked "what do you mean a hysterical pregnant period?  Was it pregnant? Well who was pregnant?"  Patricia was laughing and said "no.  Apparently they can have hysterical pregnancies because they want to have babies."

Ellen said "well their bunnies and they're supposed to do it all the time."  Patricia "she was upset about not being pregnant, yeah."  Ellen said "uh huh, well yes than get her a bunny."

Patricia said "I thought about it but I'm scared she'll attack it.  Because I don't want to take a little bunny and make it her victim."  Ellen said "no, not a little one.  Get a bunny the same size."  Patricia said "I might try that."  Ellen said "see how that goes, give me a call."  Patricia said "I might try that and see how it goes." Ellen said "give me a call afterwards."  Patricia said "alright."

Ellen said "I'm a huge fan.  Portia and I watch Medium like every single week and it went away for awhile and we were like when is it coming back?  And I ran into you that time and I really love the show and you just directed one or how many?"  Patricia said I directed two this season and actually Jeffry Tambor just did an episode for us.  He actually plays me. Which is very strange.  So I just watched a million Arrested Developments."

Ellen said "uh huh, he's hilarious.  He's great."  Patricia said "I love that show.  They're all great"   Ellen said "you directed that that's not on yet because I would have seen it."

Angelica Huston Returns To Medium

Patricia said "yeah that's not on yet and the one I directed will be on at some point in May and Angelica Huston is in it, Rumer Willis and Balthazar Getty."

Ellen said "and Angelica used to be on, she used to be on a lot."  Patricia "yeah"  Ellen said "its such a good show and the guy who plays your husband, what's his name?"  Patricia "Jake Webber"  Ellen "and now the poor guy has to constantly wake up, you're constantly waking him up, you must all laugh about that every single scene where he says 'are you alright?'  What happened.  You know?"

Patricia said "I tried to tell the writers, please can't we have a regular conversation in the show about how I realize...without waking him up constantly.  Yes"

Ellen said "its hilarious.  It's such a great show.  Its so suspenseful.  You just can't figure it out until the end.  I really like it.

Ellen then said to be sure and watch the show which airs tonight at 9/10 on NBC.

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