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Patricia Arquette - Brain Tumor Resulted In Latest Short Hair Cut

Patricia Arquette, star of the popular Medium, recently appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about the new season of the show (the 6th Season), her new short hair cut, her adorable daughter Harlow and her marriage to Thomas Jane, the star of Hung.

(Image of Patricia Arquette on Medium - Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS Television Studios - ©2009 CBS Television Studios. All Rights Reserved)

Ellen immediately zoned in on Patricia's sassy short hair cut which combines a long side swept front fringe cascading from a deep side part.  The rest of the hair is much shorter and slightly layered along the sides and back.

The actress' hair is a gorgeous buttery blonde with hints of platinum lowlights.  Her hair looks shiny, healthy full of great body.

Ellen told Patricia who looked cute in a jacket and matching slacks "Hi Patricia, I love your hair" and the actress said "I'm trying to copycat you, but then you went shorter."  Ellen agreed she had gone even shorter "I've got to switch it up every once in awhile."

The funny lady asked Patricia "How long had it been since you cut your hair?"  She said "It'd been a long time, I was trying to grow it as long as I could and then the show...last year at the end of the show....I had a brain tumor, so they said 'how do you feel about cutting your hair?'

The Medium star continued "I didn't feel good about it (cutting my hair) and my daughter was really upset about it.  I called her, Harlow (Patricia's daughter) said 'tell them no, tell them no.'"

(Image of Patricia Arquette on Medium - Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS Television Studios - ©2009 CBS Television Studios. All Rights Reserved)

Ellen asked "how old is she?"  Patricia said "she's six and a half."

Ellen said "she's six and a half?  You called your daughter to get her opinion?" Patricia laughed and replied "I had to ask her I called just to let her know because I knew she would be really upset."  Ellen said "really".  Patricia said "so I wanted to talk to her about it."

Ellen asked "does she have long hair?"  The Medium star laughed "no, she cut her hair, but she wanted mine long."  Ellen said "I see, saving up for a wig someday or something?  Or trying?  Why would she want you to have your hair long?  She just likes it better?"

Patricia said "she just thinks it's pretty and long."

Ellen said "does she like it now?"  Patricia said "when I came home she said 'oh you look so cute, you look like a baby, I love it.'"  The comedian laughed "your daughter said you look like a baby?"

Ellen laughed "That's adorable. That's adorable.  No, I love the hair, I like it very much."  She continued "Harlow, I like that name by the way.  It's a good name."  So she's got a lot of opinions about you."

Patricia agreed "she does, she does, she picks out little outfits she likes for me (to wear).  She's a little mad at me right now. I'm a little in the doghouse because I presented at the Emmys and she said 'well did you say hi Harlow?' and I said "ooh" and it was after we had recorded it.  And I was like "nooooo honey I didn't, and I don't know how they would feel about that, I'm sooo sorry I didn't say that.  But I was thinking about you the whole time on stage and I was thinking about....

Harlow responded to her mom by exclaiming 'it's not the same.'

Ellen laughed and said "wow, you've got your hands full.  She's a smart one."  Patricia agreed "she's really smart."  Ellen said "she's going to challenge you all the time."

Then Patricia looked at the camera's on the show, waved and said "can I actually say hi Harlow?"  Ellen laughed and said "yeah, you can. I'll say it too."

Ellen looked at the camera, waved and said "Hi Harlow, Hi Harlow." She said "I'll start saying Hi Harlow every day just because I'm sure she'd want that and I'm sure someday I'll interview her."

Ellen then asked Patricia "how's your husband (Thomas Jane)?"

The Medium star said "he's greatttt."  Ellen asked "now before you were divorcing but didn't divorce, so now you're back together?"  Patricia agreed "yeah, and we're more in love than ever.  It's great."

Ellen said "that's great, good for you, that's fantastic." Patricia replied "we've been together for eight years and you know, relationships are tough, but we're really happy."  Ellen nodded "good, good...and he's on Hung (HBO) now. Right?"  The audience laughed while Patricia made a funny face and said "oh lord."

The hostess replied "I'm sure a lot of women are seeing a lot more of him than seen before. There's a lot of sex on that show. Right?"  Patricia agreed "yeah, there's a lot of sex on that show."  Ellen said "and how do you feel about him doing that?"

Patricia explained "you know, I was the one who told him, you should do this show.  And by the way this is going to be really tough on me.  But I trust him.  I know how it is.  It's not my favorite thing. But I know how it is to do love scenes, but I do notice a lot of crotch starring going on."

Ellen questioned "outside of the show?  Like women looking at him in general?"

Patricia agreed "yeah, we were at this art opening the other day and he was outside talking to our friend and I was inside and as I was coming back in I noticed this woman looking at his crotch, looking at his face, looking at his crotch, looking at his face. So I came out and I just had to say 'god, there's a lot of crotch checking out going on."  Patricia reported her husband was like "whatttt"  Patricia said the women was "oohhhhh and she ran away."

The funny lady wondered "he must notice that's going on."  Patricia said "oh yeah. He said 'people don't think I notice that they're starring at my crotch.  I looking in their eyes and they're looking at my crotch.'  Patricia continued "it's really weird."

Ellen noted "if you don't know what the show's about, there's a reason they're looking at his crotch.  Anyway, you'll see for yourself.  Maybe....."

She said to Patricia "so here's the deal, NBC was airing Medium..right..and then canceled Medium.  And then you get canceled.  And then at what point did you realize that it got picked up by CBS?"  Patricia said "there was a whirlwind of 24 hours."

The comedian said "you thought you lost a job.  Patricia said "right...I was fired and then I was hired."  Patricia said they said "so you're not fired and she was like 'oh wow'" And then it was like you're"

Ellen said "that's fantastic, so you can just pick right up and...because I like the show very much, so I'm really thrilled that it's back on the air."  Patricia said "thanks.  I love that we have a great audience and a great crew and great actors...sooo."

The segment with Patricia was ended by saying "the sixth season of Medium airs tonight."

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