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Geena Davis' Hair Secrets

GeenaDavis-15_350h Geena Davis at the 'World Maker Faire', September 2013 - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Geena Davis' Hair Secrets

I have loved Grey's Anatomy since the very first episode.

Imagine how thrilled I was when the incredibly talented Geena Davis (born January 21, 1956) joined Grey's cast as Dr.Nicole Herman, head of fetal surgery.  Geena fills the void left by Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh).

I've been a huge fan of the Academy Award winning actress since my favorite Hollywood hairdresser, Robert Hallowell, shared some of Geena Davis' hair secrets with me.

I've had the great privilege of knowing Robert for more than 10+ years.

Robert has been working for Geena since he met her on the set of Angie in 1994.  The LA born and raised hairdresser has been Geena's on and off-set hairdresser for close to 20 years.

He's coiffed her iconic red hair for a wide range of events from films and TV series to her appearance at Award Ceremonies.

Geena Davis With Platinum Blonde Hair Styled By Robert Hallowell on The Good Kiss Goodnight Geena Davis With Platinum Blonde Hair Styled By Robert Hallowell on The Good Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Geena Davis' Hair Secrets

One of the first questions I asked Robert about Geena Davis' hair secrets was how he transformed her hair to platinum blonde on The Long Kiss Goodnight.

His answer?  Robert custom designed, cut, styled and bleached Geena's stunning platinum blonde long straight bob (LOB).

She looked spectacular.

In fact, it's one of her most stunning hair looks she's had over the course of her long and spectacular film career.

Hand Crafted Custom Brunette Wig

The other big hair secret from The Long Kiss Goodnight?

The long brunette hairstyle Geena wore at the beginning of the film was a customized hand crafted wig made for Geena by Robert.

A Treasure Chest Of Hair

FullImage103190_d_0393_ful_350h Geena Davis - Commander In Chief - - All Rights Reserved

I never really appreciated Robert's wig making skills until one of my visits to his house set high up in the hills of Mount Washington in Los Angeles.

At one point he disappeared into his "hair studio" and reappeared with a huge sealed box of some of the most exquisite hair pieces I've ever seen in all my years in the hair world.

Many of the hair pieces, including some amazing halo hair pieces, he personally hand crafted.   He showed me a piece he had created for Geena when she starred on TV's Commander In Chief (CIC).

Like all actresses, Geena has had to wear her naturally textured hair in a series of presidential hairstyles which required a series of hair pieces.

Geena Davis' Brain Tumor On Grey's Anatomy

104369_3023_ful_350h Geena Davis - Commander In Chief - All Rights Reserved

Adding Geena Davis to the cast of Grey's Anatomy was brilliant.  With the departure of Dr. Yang, there was a need for a strong surgeon to step in and stir up lots of controversy.

Geena is perfect as a workaholic brilliant surgeon who's been giving some of the beloved Grey's characters a hard time.

In the episode which aired on Thursday, November 6th,  Dr. Herman revealed she had a terminal brain tumor and would not live longer than six months.

I was horrified.  Certainly the powers to be on ABC won't take Geena away from us so soon?  Imagine the great story line her brain tumor would provide?

Would she be cured, but have to shave her beautiful long deep auburn hair?  Or will she have to shave her head?

Loved By Her Long Time Hairdresser

Besides having gorgeous red hair and an array of hairstyles he's helped to create, Robert has always told me how much he admires Geena.

Celeb Hairstylist Robert Hallowell - Courtesy Robert Hallowell Celeb Hairstylist Robert Hallowell - Courtesy Robert Hallowell

I'm always impressed with Hollywood hairdressers share their genuine respect for their long time celebrity clients.  That speaks volumes about the celebrity.

Very recently I was chatting with Robert about Geena and her role on Grey's Anatomy.  He said "I'm always in awe of her (and) what she can do."

Summary - Geena Davis' Hair Secrets

Referring to her foundation, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media designed to educate and prohibit against gender discrimination,  he said "I'm in awe of what she is doing for women."

He expressed his admiration at how she has worked tirelessly to reduce stereotyping of females by the male-dominated industry.  Geena's foundation, along with her other work to educate the world about the drought in East Africa requires the actress speak in front of the masses.

Robert said "she's just so comfortable when she stands in front of thousands, even millions of people, and talks to them.  It's amazing.  She's really incredible."

Indeed she is.  I just hope ABC finds a cure for her character's brain tumor so we can have her around for a little bit longer.

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