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Do Not Name Your Chocolate Easter Bunny

For those who celebrate the Holiday, Easter is around the corner.   In fact, all of the grocery stores in my neighborhood have the traditional Easter candy displays complete with a range of chocolate rabbits, both solid and hollow, ready for purchase.

A few days ago I bought the Marketing Guru a gigantic hollow chocolate rabbit as a special reward for her really hard work.  Not only does she love chocolate, she adores Easter.  It seemed like the perfect surprise.

When she ripped off the wrapping and saw the rabbit inside she said....Howard.  What?  Yes, she instantly gave her gigantic chocolate Easter bunny a name.  While I definitely liked the name she selected I was alarmed.

I warned her, you don't want to name your bunny.  Why, she asked?  Because you won't want to eat it.  Naahhh, she said.  After assuring me that would not be the case with her bunny, she happily tucked her new treat into her car and headed home to show her husband. 

The next day I asked her if the rabbit was yummy?  Sticking her lower lip out she pouted briefly and said...nooooo I just couldn't bite into Howard.  Why I asked?  She replied "because he was looking me in the eye."

Arghhh.  I hated to say I told you so, but geez, now that she's named her chocolate Easter rabbit, she doesn't have the heart to eat him, well at least it looks like a he.

The moral to this chocolate aster rabbit story?  Don't name them or else you may never enjoy the yummy taste of chocolate.  Or, only indulge in chocolate eggs, which don't come with a face.

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