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Joico J-Cutting And J-Color DVDs For Professional Hair Stylists

Joico Launches an Innovative New Concept in Professional Education

Joico announces two revolutionary new education programs designed to provide stylists with the technical base they need to empower their artistry.

The J-Cutting and J-Color DVDs provide professionals with comprehensive, step-by-step training on the cutting and foiling principles that support and fuel their work.

"We recognize that people are changing the way they receive education," says Angelia Polsinelli, Joico's director of education.

(Images provided by Joico - All Rights Reserved - Joico J-Cutting And J-Color DVDs)

"By providing this training in a DVD format, we make education accessible to millions of people on a global scale. What's more, this format allows the individual to learn at their own pace and to focus on specific topics and techniques within each DVD."

J-Cutting: Developed by Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney, J-Cutting is Joico's fundamental principals combined into a methodology featuring 12 haircut demonstrations, featuring a wide range of hair lengths and techniques.

(Images provided by Joico - All Rights Reserved - Joico J-Cutting And J-Color DVDs)

"We present the principal one-length, graduation and layering techniques," says Carney, "and then demonstrate how all of these principals can be perfected and built upon to produce any imaginable shape." He adds, "With these fundamentals it is all about how you apply them, combine them and tailor them to the person in your chair."

J-Color: Color Placement is the focus of this color DVD with a new methodology, created by Vero K-PAK Color International Artistic Director and NAHA Winner Sue Pemberton. "There are a finite number of ways to cut hair," Pemberton explains.

"There is one-length, graduation or layers. When you place foils, you can place them horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This DVD explores each of these foil placement techniques and explores how to determine the proper placement of foils within various types of cuts."

As with J-Cutting, once the principals are in place, the J-Color DVD branches out into customization techniques such as slices, weaves, skip weaves, triangular sections, etc. J-Color offers four different how-tos on four models for a total of 12 techniques, starting with Pemberton's "color placement principal rules."

(Images provided by Joico - All Rights Reserved - Joico J-Cutting And J-Color DVDs)

She notes, "The goal is to offer the maximum number of foiling scenarios for both beginning and advanced stylists."

J-Color and J-Cutting can be purchased individually or separately and are available on and The Cost: $250 for J-Cutting DVD Set and $250 for J-Color DVD Set. $400 for both the J-Cutting and J-Color DVD Sets.


About Joico

JOICO, the leading professional hair care brand, provides a wide range of hair care, styling, color and texture products to salons worldwide. A division of Shiseido, Inc., JOICO has been dedicated to the Art of Healthy Hair since 1975.

JOICO products fuse the latest breakthroughs in hair care science with art and fashion inspirations to offer unparalleled quality and performance.  For additional information, salon professionals may call 1.800.80.JOICO or visit

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