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Updos From Yin To Yang Hair Collection On Multi Ethnic Hair Types

Hairdresser Onita Luisi hails from Marlboro, New Jersey where she spins her fabulous hair designs at the salon known as Chips.  Onita has been training hairdressers for years.

Hair clients with a wide variety of ethnic hair types and textures visit the Chips Salon and Onita discovered that some of the hairdressers were shy about creating hairstyles for all types of hair.

With this knowledge, Onita submitted her own hair design portfolio of her top cut, color and hairstyles as well as brainstormed inspiration boards for a dream editorial shoot to a John Paul Mitchell Systems Photo Shoot Competition for the judges' consideration.  Onita's portfolio and dream boards won the competition.

(Image of Model Ashley and Model Minta on the Left with Model Minta on the Right for the Yin To Yang Theory of Hair by Onita Luisi, photography by Sean Armenta, Makeup by Jennifer Thorington, Creative Consultant Lucie Doughty, Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved).

Onita was flown to Los Angeles to bring her creative hair design ideas to life, working with Paul Mitchell Editorial Director and NAHA winner Lucie Doughty. She worked with a team consisting of a top editorial photographer, makeup artist, and wardrobe stylist.

(Image of Paul Mitchell Photo Shoot Contest Winner Onita Luisi in the middle Creating A Hair Collection of Multi-textured Dual Looks and working with the two models Ashley on the right and Minta to Onita's left - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved).

At the recent photo shoot, judge and shoot mentor Lucie Doughty coached Onita (shown to the side with her two models) through the process of putting together an editorial quality photo shoot based on her inspiration of the Yin To Yang theory.

Onita designed a series of hairstyles which showcased the Yin and the Yang of two different ethnicities.

One one hand she had blonde Ashley and on the other hand she had Minta who had a multi-ethnic background.  By creating the same hairstyle on each of the two different models she was able to successfully and visually demonstrate her Yin To Yang hair design principles.

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