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Sex And The City Venturing Into Politics?

Us Magazine has confirmed that the much hoped for sequel of Sex And The City (SATC) will be released on May 28, 2010, almost two years from the date of the release of the original film on May 30, 2008.

Producers of SATC Part 2 are hoping to meet or beat the whopping $412 million dollars the first film earned for its worldwide release.

Ironically, many believed the first film might not capture an audience due to the time lag from the ending of the series.  However, the movie not only thrilled long time SATC fans, it won new fans in younger and male categories who previously had not watched the series.  Some believe the second SATC movie might do even better than the first.

One concern about the first and second SATC movies has been whether all the women would appear.  It was widely reported that Kim Cattrall held up the filming of the first SATC movie due to salary and other demands.  This time, as reported by US Weekly, all the women will again be reprising their roles.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are all onboard.  Whether their various men and children will appear is still not released.

Babies For Carrie And Mr. B?

The plot is still being kept underwraps although actor Chris Noth, Carrie's Mr. B hinted to Us Weekly last week that producers are "probably thinking" about babies for Big and Carrie, who married at the end of SATC Part I.  Is that really true?  Sarah Jessica Parker has been less forthcoming and has not really released any hints at this point.

Miranda Hobbes On A Madcap Adventure?

Cynthia Nixon told Us magazine she has some thoughts about her long time character, Miranda Hobbes.  She told Us "I would love to see her and Carrie and Charlotte and Samantha all go off on some wild madcap adventure somewhere."

Miranda Running For Political Office?

My humble opinon?  Probably not so interesting.  I felt the trip to Mexico the girls took in the first SATC movie was fun, but not my most favorite part of the movie.  I would rather see Miranda, who has always been an outspoken lawyer, run for a political office.  Can you imagine the girls helping her campaign?  Now that would be very interesting and would offer so many subplots.  Especially if Carrie does wind up pregnant as Chris Noth is hinting.

Being on the campaign trail for Miranda could definitely play off some interesting fashion.  Plus all sorts of conflicts with the women and their men.  Yep.  Sounds like a winner to me.  Real life meets fun, fashion and controversy.  It just might work.

Why SJP Won't Dish

Why won't Sarah Jessica Parker dish about the Sex And The City Movie - II?  She was quoted by Us as saying "in a million years I'm not going to give you an indication," she said jokingly. "I want someone to show up that first weekend."

Trust me SJP, someone will show up and that will be me and all my BFFs.

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