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Ashley Scott Hung Out At Mexican Gay Bar

Jimmy Kimmel had the beautiful blonde actress Ashley Scott (Dark Angels, Birds of Prey, Jericho) on his show a few weeks ago on the day right after St. Patrick's Day.  Ashley was promoting the new film she is co-starring in due out in theaters on March 27th.

(Image of Ashley Scott - - Jericho - All Rights Reserved).

The talk show host introduced Ashley by saying she is a "down home gal from the South who grew up tipping cows, squirrel hunting and flounder digging.  You can see her alongside John Senna in the new thriller 12 Rounds."

Ashley appeared on stage wearing a gorgeous sea green long gown with her blonde hair pinned up in a soft messy updo with curls.  Jimmy told her she looked fantastic.  He asked her "are you still in green from St. Patrick's Day?"  She laughed and said "I didn't go to sleep, I was up all night long.  It's true."

Whether Ashley was just joking or had been up all night partying may never be known but when Jimmy asked Ashley what she did to celebrate St. Pat's Day she said "last night I did what every good fan of the Irish tradition, I went to a Mexican gay bar."  She said "she had a great time at the Mexican gay bar" there "are gay leprechauns.  They are much more fun.  I wish they came with a pot of gold."

When asked who she was with at the Irish celebration she said she "was with a group of friends.  A big group of friends. It was fun."

She told Jimmy she heard that they had a big rager at the studio.  Jimmy said "it wasn't much of a rager, everyone was sitting up in my office getting sadly and quietly drunk."  He did confirm that "everyone who works here is walking around with an aching head."

(Image of Ashley Scott - - Jericho - All Rights Reserved).

Ashley's Origins

Jimmy turned the conversation to Ashley's family.  She told the host "I was born in New Orleans and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina".  Although she current lives on the West Coast for her career she told Jimmy, "I'm been super fortunate to have both of her brothers and sister-in-law move out to California."

Ashley appears to be very close to her family and reported "my little brother Zachery is in the Peace Corps. He is an outstanding young man."  She said her brother has been overseas with the Peace Corps for "about 1 1/2 years.:  She thinks he is going to extend his tour with the Corps for another year.  She told Jimmy her big brother is still here in the State with her and she gets to goof off and hang out with him.

Truth About Squirrels

Referring to Jimmy's introduction about hunting the fact she grew up hunting squirrels she said "we didn't really hunt squirrels. We grew up broke.  When you're broke you cook a lot of beans and my dad would go out in the back yard and shot squirrels and then we'd eat them."

Jimmy asked Ashley a funny but odd question "do you ever get an undigested acorn?"  Then he clarified, in the squirrel."

(Image of Ashley Scott - - Jericho - All Rights Reserved).

Ashley laughed but didn't seem to have an answer for the acorn question.

Working With WWE Wrestlers

Jimmy asked Ashley about the premise behind the 12 Rounds film.  She talked about her co-star, John Senna, who is a professional wrestler.  She also discussed the fact this was not the first time she worked with a professional wrestler. She also did a movie called Walking Tall with The Rock.

Ashley told Jimmy she was lucky for the opportunity to work with both of them (John Senna and The Rock).  Because there are tie ins between the film and the WWE she attended a WWE event.  She explained that The WWE show is a huge franchise and very successful.

Her comment regarding the WWE professionals is that 'they're like Super Heroes to little kids, its really amazing, its not blood and gore.  It's more like a performance."  Jimmy said about WWE "now its strippers and guys in the tanning booth."  Ashley said "that's what happens after the match."

Ashley said her role in the film is that of a Molly, a police officer's wife.  She gets kidnapped by a very bad person and she was tied up for most of the film. 12 Rounds is currently in theaters.

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