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Chyler Leigh Dishes On Grey's Famed Sex Scene

Chyler Leigh, an actress on ABC's hit show, Grey's Anatomy, was recently on The Ellen show to discuss her pregnancy and the famous episode where she allegedly "broke" Dr. Mark Sloan's (Dr. McSteamy) "man part" during a steamy love scene.

(Image of Chyler Leigh on Grey's Anatomy - ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Before Chyler appeared onstage Ellen explained that the actress was responsible for one of the "most talked about episodes" to date on the show.

Ellen showed a clip of the episode  where Chyler as Dr. Lexie Gray (Little Gray), frantically asks bone specialist Dr. Cali Torres  for help with Dr. Sloan's damaged manhood.

Oops I Did It Again

Chyler appeared on Ellen's show to the song, 'Oops I Did It Again'.  The beautiful actress was wearing white slacks with a stretchy brown and white flowered top to accommodate her advanced pregnancy.

Chyler had her chocolate brown hair pulled off her face in a half up/half down style.  Her tresses flowed loosely down her back ending in barely there waves.

Ellen greeted the actress and touched her tummy.  Chyler said "ahhh that's embarrassing"  referring to the clip which was just played for the audience.

The talk hostess laughed and replied "well talk about something (the episode in question) you just know every single person is gonna, if they didn't see it then, they'll go back and watch it on YouTube or something."

Finding Out About The Juicy Storyline At The Last Minute

Chyler agreed and said "yeahhhh".  Ellen inquired "did you, how did you find out about that story line?"  The actress explained "like we do with any normal story line. at the table read literally right before we start the episode."

Ellen said "they don't give you the script ahead of time so you can prepare?"

Chyler shook her head "noooooooo."

Ellen questioned "at the table read?" The Grey's Anatomy Actress said said "nooooo.  It's very secretive.  The whole thing is very secretive.  Every once in awhile."

Ellen asked "do you do the whole table read every week?"  Chyler said "yeah, yeah."

Chyler's Reaction Was Shock And Embarrassment

Ellen said "owww"  Chyler said "and that was really bizarre."  She laughed "it was really awkward.  I was told beforehand that I was going to injure him and I was 'ohhhh well maybe I crash something into him like.'  And then we're reading this script and I got to that page and I just, my face was like this" she demonstrated her face in shock with her mouth hanging open.

Ellen said "while you were reading you were realizing?"  Chyler replied "oh my god.  I'm realizing what I'm saying and I'm shrinking in the seat and the script is going up higher and higher and everyone is laughing.  It was like a bad dream.  It really was.  It was like a dream.  And was actually that clip that we watched (the one Ellen played for the audience before she came out on stage).  And I had a very hard time doing that scene with Cali (Sara) and keeping a straight face. She was great about it though."

Shooting The Scene On Grey's Anatomy

Ellen said "I bet.  And even shooting the scene, how was that?"  Chyler laughed and said "ohhhh, you know it was more on Eric for his reaction and that whole thing, but you know."

Ellen said "you mean the noise he had to make?"  Chyler shook her head and laughed "righttttt.  And there were different variations.  Was it an ooohh, or an ahhh or what?  He threw out a bunch of different moans."

Ellen "so it was off camera, so you were just standing there and he moans and makes different noises until the?" Chyler replied "pretty much." The talk show hostess said "so you're all looking through magazines going hmmmm and awwww?"  She made some sounds to demonstrate her question.

Chyler "no, I mean, he was very dedicated.  You know, every take, he was full force doing the whole thing.  I mean the poor guy is.."

Ellen said "what do you mean he was full force doing the whole thing?"  The audience laughed.  Chyler protested "wait, wait." Ellen questioned "he's just standing there making the noises...right?"

Chyler said "yeah, well, for the most part for that scene he was actually sitting up in the bed.  You know of course he was topless and uh he was a trooper.. he did, he was really good about it."

A Real Life Condition

Ellen said "right.  So had you heard about this condition (broken bone in the male area) before?"

Chyler nodded  "I'd heard of it, but never really wanted to see it.  Thank god and I was never responsible for it personally because you know I'm married and have sex with my husband so you know?"

Ellen said "right"  The actress continued "so I don't want to see that, I don't ...she covered her eyes."

Ellen said "you don't want to worry that could happen?"  Chyler said "yeah"  Ellen said "and you're thinking if that can happen, well it could happen (to you). Right?  It could always happen, right?"

Chyler replied "it could."   Ellen said "but you're pregnant" and Chyler agreed "but I'm pregnant and it didn't happen during, no, no."

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