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Blonde Hair And Crimson Red Lips

Whether you were born blonde or recently took the leap, there are certain colors of lipstick you should embrace.  Others, not so much.

Not all blondes look great with crimson red lips.  You need self-confidence and attitude to pull off beautiful blonde hair and crimson red lips.

Should you dress up your blonde tresses with crimson red lips?  If you don't feel comfortable with red lips, probably not.  However, if you want to embrace luscious red lips, the next step is to select the red lipstick best suited to your skin tone.

(Image of Scarlett Johansson wearing red lipstick with an orange undertone - Los Angeles Premiere of "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" - 08-04-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

One last beauty tip.  If you do desire crimson red lips to dress up your blonde tresses but worry the red is too intense, put clear gloss on top to soften slightly.

Skin Tone As A Base For Selecting Red Lipstick

Although hair color is a major key to selecting the most flattering red lipstick shades, skin tone should be considered.  Especially since chemically created blondes may have with a warm or cool skin tone.

Cool skin tones tend to be very pale with a pink undertone. Warm skin tones are much darker than the natural fair tones and could even be olive with a yellow or blue undertone.

(Image of Scarlett Johansson wearing Pink Lipstick with Coral Tones at the World Premiere of 'He's Just Not That Into You' at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA. 02-02-09 - Daily - All Rights Reserved).

Some cosmetics companies have organized their red shades according to hair, eye and skin tones to make it easier to select the best red color for your hair.  If you visit make-up counters, they'll work out the red lipstick shades that will suit your blonde hair hues best.

General Guidelines For Best Red Lipstick For Blonde Hair

Listed below are general guidelines for the best red lipstick color for blonde hair based on skin tone:

Cool Skin Tones With Pink Undertones

Select true red lipstick.  Think blue undertones of the true red.  Other options include the red lipstick tones with plum undertones. Red lipsticks with pink undertones.

Also consider rich Berry Reds, dark Blackberry Reds, rich Brick Reds.   A side advantage of Blue toned reds is that they have a whitening effect on the teeth.

(Image of Scarlett Johansson wearing a pink lipstick with hint of coral - ELLE Magazine's 14th Annual Women In Hollywood Party - 10-15-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

Warm Skin Tones With Blue And/Or Yellow Undertones

elect red lipstick tones with orange tones. Other options would include warm reds.  Other bets would include tomato reds, brown or chocolate based reds, red lipstick hues with golden, bronze or tawny reds.

Beauty Expert Opinions

Some beauty experts believe true reds (with a blue base) work best on pale skins and reds (with an orange base) works best with olive or darker skin tones.

(Image of Scarlett Johansson wearing red with orange base - 2005 Premiere The New Power - 06-15-05 - - All Rights Reserved)

One thing most beauty experts agree on is that you should always try the red lipstick on your lips because it will play off against the hair more realistically than when testing the color on your hands, which is a common practice.

Without putting the lipstick directly on your lips, it's challenging to know exactly how the red color will look against your eyes and hair. Also, it is important to remember that the base color of your lips may interact differently with different red lipstick shades.  Therefore, always try red lipstick on your lips.

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