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Six Basic Lip Styles Guarantee Gorgeous Lip Jobs

Six Basic Lip Styles Guarantee Gorgeous Lip Jobs

Dr. Robert Gordon, a.k.a. Dr. Lips, has created the world’s first and only template for lip classification and augmentation.

As an experienced cosmetic dentist armed with specialized knowledge of the mouth and its surrounding areas, Dr. Gordon is on a mission to make botched lip jobs a thing of the past.

With the introduction of Dr. Gordon’s six lip styles, patients are kissing their plastic surgeons goodbye and anxiously seeking out doctors trained to Dr. Gordon’s specifications of lip classification and augmentation.

Vermillion Dollar Lips

Dr. Gordon’s organization, Vermillion Dollar Lips (VDL), provides quality training to physicians looking to provide their patients with lip and perioral augmentation using his classification system.

The template reveals the six basic lip styles, all of which are extremely area specific and exclusive to VDL trained doctors only.  Patients can choose from the Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Pearlique, Hollywood, and Angelic looks.

“Oftentimes physicians are over-injecting the lips,” explains Dr. Gordon.  “They inject an equal amount in the bottom and top lip and hope for the best."

Dr. Gordon said "This is why we see so many botched procedures.  My classification system actually gives patients the look they desire by working with the individual’s needs, and providing a very detailed and exact augmentation of the lips.”

The Classic Lip Style

The lip styles range from the more modest mouth to a bolder pout.  The Classic is the most subtle – perfect for women who have lost volume as a result of aging.

The Rubina is a slightly fuller pout that can only be placed on a woman whose face shape matches the criteria.  For ladies looking for a more youthful kisser, the Cupid style is their match.

The Pearlique, Hollywood And Angelic

Finally, the Pearlique, Hollywood and Angelic styles are best for those who desire a fuller set of lips.

“I noticed a definitive void in the medical arena pertaining to lips and perioral aesthetics,” says Dr. Gordon.  “I used my experience in both art and science to create a classification system that would fill that void and allow women to reach their full aesthetic potential.”

Whether seeking a simple restoration of lost volume or chasing that Hollywood starlet’s pucker, women all over are seeking out VDL certified physicians for tips on their lips and are leaving with a smile.

As the first and only template for breathtaking lips, Dr. Gordon’s classification system is making botched lip jobs history.

About Dr. Lips

Dr. Robert Gordon, a.k.a. Dr. Lips, has revolutionized the cosmetic dental industry.  As the founder of Vermilion Dollar Lips, Dr. Gordon’s intense passion for lip and perioral augmentation has landed him at the forefront of his field, earning him the name, “Dr. Lips.”

Dr. Gordon is the world’s first doctor to create a standard template for lip classification,  and proclaims that not all lips are created equal.   For more information on Dr. Lips please visit or learn about Vermilion Dollar Lips, please visit

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