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Hugh Laurie Visits New York

Dr. House, Hugh Laurie, stopped by to chat with the newlywed David Letterman in New York recently.  Hugh was hilarious and chatted about his visit to New York which he said he first experienced when he was filming the movie Stuart Little.

He told Dave that a friend from England had recommended a particular hotel in New York that was supposed to be very British.  Apparently the hotel was way too British for Hugh's tastes.  In fact, he said his hotel room was so dreadful it felt like someone had just died in the room.

Around midnight Hugh said he had endured all he could in that very British hotel and decided to flee to the famous Plaza Hotel.

He went out into the street to hail a cab and told the cabbie to take him to The Plaza Hotel.  Hugh said the cabbie looked at him like he was crazy and even asked him if he was nuts.  Hugh said he asked the cabbie if The Plaza Hotel was a good hotel and the cabbie said it was the best.   So Hugh said, well then take me there.

Hugh said he hopped into the cab and the cab driver promptly drove Hugh 12 feet.  He could have literally gotten in the cab on one side and out the other side.  Hugh was very embarrassed and proceeded to make up a pre-existing back problem to explain his need to ride in a cab just 12 feet.

Apparently Hugh enjoyed the Plaza Hotel so much he stayed there during his entire filming time for Stuart Little.  He did tell Dave he really enjoyed New York and enjoyed visiting again.

Hugh was visiting Dave to discuss his new animated movie which was Monsters vs Aliens.  He plays the character of Dr. Cockroach.  He wasn't sure if he should be honored or insulted by being asked to play such a character.

He was quite funny explaining how he agreed to do the movie.  It should be noted that the voice Hugh used for Dr. Cockroach was very different from his normal voice or his Dr. House voice.  In the movie he is dealing with a very tall girl played by Reese Witherspoon.   Dave played a short clip of the new movie with Dr. Cockroach, who is actually very cute for the dreaded bug.

Dave asked Hugh about being awarded the special OBE (Officer Of British Empire) from the Queen of England.  The actor explained that it's the first step to knighthood.  You're not actually knighted at that point.

The actor said he was contacted first to see if wanted to receive the award before they proceeded with giving it to him. He asked his teen-aged son whether he should accept the OBE or not.  His son basically said he would be very full of himself if he didn't accept.  So Hugh did accept.  He explained that at the ceremony the Queen basically just glossed right over him and he could have said just about anything but of course he was very polite and appropriate.

The segment was over much too fast since Hugh Laurie is a delightful guest with lots of charm, grace, elegence and humor.

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