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Hair Is Hot Topic On Ugly Betty

In last night's episode of ABC's Ugly Betty, "The Sex Issue", the topic of hair was interwoven into the entire plot as Betty (America Ferrera) tried to figure out why she and her new guy were not progressing past a good-night kiss.

When Betty's hints to Matt to get more intimate appeared to fall on deaf ears she allowed her Mode frinenemies (friends + enemies) Amanda (Becki Newton) and Mark (Michael Urie) to give her lessons in how to dial up her sexiness.

(Image of Michael Urie as Mark on Ugly Betty demonstrating a sexy hair flip/hair flick for Betty - "The Sex Issue" - 3/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Well, as Amanda put it "as sexy as this can be" pointing to Betty. The ultimate goal?  "Operation Betty Sexification" as Mark defined it.

Ultimately Amanda and Mark wanted Betty to be able to seduce Matt for an evening of adult fun and games.  Why? 

Because even those they dis Betty, secretly they both like her in their own narcisstically tinged ways.  Plus Amanda and Mark love a good challenge and what could be better than helping Betty turn off her frump factor?

Amanda and Mark gave Betty lessons in seductiveness including Mark's hilarious "the art of the seductive hair flip".

Bursting through the curtains in their NY shared apartment, Mark demonstrated unpinning an updo from his wig and flipping his hair.

(Image of Michael Urie as Mark and Becki Newton as Amanda on Ugly Betty demonstrating a sexy hair flip/hair flick for Betty - "The Sex Issue" - 3/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Mark, Amanda and Betty danced around going flick, flip, flick, flip until Betty appeared to have whipped her hair into appropriate sensual abandon.  Needless to say it was hilariously funny.

The Seduction of Betty's Boyfriend

The seduction of Betty's boyfriend failed miserably and ultimately Betty went back home where big sister Hilda, a hairdresser, curled her tresses and listed to Betty's tale of Matt woes.  Betty's elder sibling returned the favor chatting about her own new love and resulting complications.

Hilda wrapped up the discussion by saying "wouldn't it be great if all of life's problems could be solved with good hair?"

Ironically just after Hilda uttered those words, her new guy's ex-girlfriend showed up and a major catfight broke up complete with a blow dryer, curling iron and a hair cutting razor.

Of course for dramatic effect, Hilda's new beau showed up just in time to see his two ladies (current and ex-girlfriend) going after each other with hot hair tools.

(Image of America Ferrera as Betty on Ugly Betty watching Mark and Amanda demonstrate a sexy hair flip/hair flick for Betty - "The Sex Issue" - 3/19/09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ultimately Betty's hair flipping had little impact since it turned out her boyfriend had intimacy issues and wound up taking Betty to a joint therapy session.  Hilda's hot tools also were left out of the mix when she and her new guy agreed to start anew with their budding romance.

As always the show was very cute and funny with an appropriate plot and storyline development.  The plot did a nice job of using hair as a subtle connecting thread which was both based on reality and humor.

Bravo to Ugly Betty for making hair a hot topic on the latest episode.

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