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Felicity Huffman Loves Disgusting Cracker Game

Felicity Huffman appeared recently on Ellen to talk about Desperate Housewives, her latest movie role "Phoebe In Wonderland" which she said is an uplifting feel-good movie.  She said it's a perfect movie for nowadays when people need hope.  Felicity said the movie addresses "how are you true to yourself while being a part of the world?"

Felicity also talked to Ellen about the game nights she and her husband Bill host at their house.  It was perfect timing because Ellen was having a marathon game week on her show all week.

Ellen told Felicity at one point during their interview "well you know we have this game thing going all week here....I think I was at your house a long time ago for some game thing."

Felicity said "was I mean to you? If so, I apologize."  Ellen said "are you very competitive?" Felicity nodded her head yes "I am very competitive."

Ellen "but don't you host game things at your house?"   Felicity "I do a lot, Bill and I are both avid game players, and we used to just play running charades which you know how to play."  Ellen "yeah I think that's what I went for."

Felicity she explained running charades as a game where "you've got teams in different rooms and you run into get a center clue and then you go back to your team."  Apparently it gets pretty rough because she said "people wind up having concussions and breaking their toes and these movies stars that you're so ...oh I love you so much (and she did a bowing thing like paying homage) and you're amazing" and in two seconds you have them up against the wall and you're going "what's the matter with you, play better."

Felicity continued "but now we started this new thing which you would love, there was this wonderful guy who's an extra on Desperate Housewives, Cal Isaminger, he's got an odd last name, Cal Isaminger, anyway he's puts together game nights which means he gets your guest list and puts it on the computer and everyone works for points and you do running charades you do sculptionary and you do name that tune where people have to sing you do this great clue game with crackers where like you.... do you want me to explain it to you"

Ellen "I love games so I want to learn a new game with crackers, we do one with crackers,we do"

You do?

Felicity "OK so I ask you a the Father of our Country"  Ellen says "uh huh Washington, yeah -no...not him...OK, I'm kidding."  She continued "then I eat the cracker and then pretty soon I'm shoving crackers in my mouth with every correct answer you give so by that point Im spewing crackers all over you..

Ellen said "Ohhhhhh"

Felicity said "and you're trying to hear what the clues are and it sounds digesting and it is but it's also really fun"  Ellen said "we'll play that, we like messy things around here."

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