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CSI Miami Kills Off Reality TV Bachelorette

The Insider exclusively revealed that Horatio Caine (David Caruso) on CSI: Miami will be investigating the shocking death of a Reality TV style Bachelorette.

The episode which is scheduled to air in April will dig deeply into the seamy underside of reality TV dating.  The murder happens on the set of "The Marrying Kind" which is a make-believe love/romance/marriage type of reality show similar to ABC's Bachelor.

As The Insider reported, last weeks Bachelor finale on ABC was so shocking that it actually knocked CSI Miami off its long held #1 spot on Monday night.

(David Caruso - at The Museum of Television & Radio's Annual Los Angeles Gala.  Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, CA.  10-30-06 - - All Rights Reserved).

The Bachelor was the show that unexpectedly knocked Lieutenant Caine and Company off their hard won top spot.  In a form of possible revenge CBS has created an episode where the primary character on The Marrying Kind has to pick between two final women.

Similar to Jason Mesnick, the CSI Miami character breaks the heart of the first woman he picks and as he goes to tell the second woman he has changed his mind and wants her, he finds her murdered body in a waiting limousine.

CSI:  Miami is the most-watched series worldwide and to lose to ABC's unscripted Bachelor reality show definitely had to be a blow.  Is CBS going to get revenge by magnifying the seamy underside of reality TV dating shows?  Will they embrace the various Bachelor Conspiracy Theories and expose The Bachelor as a farce?  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile the Bachelor parody on "CSI:  Miami" with the title "The Dead on Arrival" episode will air in April.   Of course there are lingering questions.  For example, did CBS whip up the "Dead on Arrival" plotline after the Bachelor knocked the show out of its #1 spot or was the episode already underway?  Either way, it will make for very interesting television.

Does this mean that to get even higher ratings next season that The Bachelor will have to showcase a dead body to get astronomical ratings?  Only time will tell.  Right?

For more information on this exclusive story broken by The Insider go to:

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