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Should President Obama Dye His Grey Hair?

As has been widely reported by the press, President Obama is showing more signs of gray flecks in his hair then every before.  The New York Times recently did a piece about the new President's gray and whether he is dying it gray to look more distinguished or not.

President Obama's gray tresses are still more along the lines of little flecks which appear to be more or less prominent depending on when he got his hair cut.  It has been widely reported he visits his barber, Zariff, every two weeks or so.  Zariff has told the media "i can tell you that is hair is 100 percent natural."  The barber is adament that the new President "he wouldn't get it colored."

Not everyone agrees that the 47 year old prez should go au natural.  Some men believe it's better to wash away the gray then to let it show.  Others believe it's a sign of maturity and makes a man look sexy.  Of course for everyone you talk to you will get a different opinion.  Maybe someone should ask Mrs. Obama her preference on the matter and that should settle it.

What do you think?  Should the Prez let his new gray show or should he ask his faithful barber to cover it for him?

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