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Ellen Degeneres Shares Heartbreak Stories

On Friday. March 6th Ellen Degeneres had The Bachelor couple Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney on her daytime talk show to discuss what had transpired in The Final Rose Ceremony and After The Final Rose (ATFR) and After The Final Rose 2 (ATFR2).

As always Ellen was hilariously funny as she did her opening monologue about The Bachelor.

The funny lady said "well today is the big day everybody, I feel like we've been doing this show, this is our 6th year, this has all been building just to today, everybody's been talking all week about the most controversial bachelor couple ever and they're here today....The Bachelor.."

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Ellen continued "oh boy it's exciting so the Bachelor of course is Jason and Jason is (there's Jason right there pointing to his image displayed on the screen), and then of course well he picked Melissa and that's Melissa (picture of Melissa was shown) then he changed his him and he made a mistake and then he picked Molly (picture of Molly was shown) and of course he and Molly are here today together because they're now together unless of course Deanna (picture of Deanna was shown) came in somehow and we don't know what's going on."

Then she said "by the way the doors are locked don't try to leave I know you're watching back there Jason and Molly.  You can't get away. So its going to be fun. It really is."

Lots Of Women Mad At Jason Mesnick

She told her audience "here is what we have to remember.  A lot of women are mad at Jason and its really not his fault, well it is his fault. I think women are putting themselves in Melissa's shoes.  And I am too.  It's the, which is the last place I should be, what am I doing.  Cause she has tiny feet and I don't like to wear heels so I don't know what I'm doing in Melissa shoes but somehow I am.  But I think there are two sides to every story, maybe even three sides and an Octagon has eight sides by the way."

Melissa' Heartbreak

Ellen said "but I think we have to give Jason a chance.  Even though I do feel bad for Melissa cause she was here yesterday on the show and she looked happy and she seems like she's moved on and I'm happy about that but man that's gotta hurt. Not like a paper cut hurt, but more like a slam your thumb in a car door in front of 17 million people kind of hurt."

Ellen's Heartbreak Story

Ellen said "everybody's got a heartbreak story. Everyone's had it. The last time a guy broke up with me was, today is Friday, and that's right 1978.  He was so sweet about it too cause he tried to make it all hey it's me, it's not you.  But it was me. Seriously.... it was me.

But at the time you can imagine I was 18 years old and I'm devastated, just devastated and I thought to myself I will never feel this way about a boy ever again.  And you know, I was right.  But I loved him like crazy.  I still care about you, you know who you are."

It was hilarious how Ellen wove in a story about her own personal life and getting dumped as she talked about The Bachelor.  She did say she had The Bachelor couple on the show to "get the real story", if that is really possible.

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