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Stevie Nicks Strong Classy Lady Of Rock

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Rock Goddess Stevie Nicks spent one hour with Chris Isaak on his new interview show on Biography on Thursday, March 5, 2009.

During her interview Stevie covered many different aspects of her life.  One that she did not discuss until Chris brought it up was her work with the severely wounded military personnel who are at Bethesda and Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C.  It seems that unknown to many, Stevie slips into the two hospitals on a regular basis to share her time, love and compassion with the young men and women who serve our country in the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the blessing of the powers to be, Stevie shows up without any fanfare or entourage and travels through the corridors of the two hospitals visiting with the kids who are there.  She brings them IPODs loaded up with all of her music from her various CDs and DVDs and road tours.

The classy part?  Well of course it's amazing that she gives so freely of her time and her heart, but she also pays for the many hundreds of IPODs that she distributes to the wounded out of her own pocket.  Chris Isaak told her he was sure the IPOD (Apple) people would be happy to donate IPODs to such a worthy cause, but Stevie said she didn't want to ask.  She wanted to just go ahead and do this for these brave young people who so courageously fought for our freedom.  So she pays for all of the IPODs she gives as gifts, out of her own pocket.

Unlike some celebrities who demand free trips, clothing, shoes and jewels, Stevie doesn't ask for anything and gives freely from her own pocketbook.  Chris Isaak pointed out what an incredibly strong and classy woman she is.  I agree.

Why does Stevie take IPODs to the wounded in the military hospitals?  She wants them to have music to heal their souls and body while bringing   them joy.  She believes the IPODs, which her assistant Karen loads up for her, (because she doesn't personally know how), are the perfect gift.  They are small, they hold a lot of music and they have re-chargers and plugs.  They don't take a lot of room and they can be used by everyone she gives them too.

While she is visiting the hospitals she reported she sits on their beds, gives them the IPODs and then asks them what happened to them.  She listens patiently as they talk about how they lost their limbs or suffered other injuries.  Stevie said she was told specifically by the hospital administrators to ask because "they need to talk about it" and so she listens.

Stevie has been know to literally spend many many hours nonstop at the hospitals.  At one point she stayed for 11 hours and 45 minutes. She has also been now to stay there all night.  Stevie told Chris she tried to go as often as she can, but if she lived in D.C. near the hospitals she would go all of the time.

The amazing Rock Star and classy lady told Chris when she is in the hospital with the wounded military kids she is never rushed or in a hurry.  That is the only time in her entire life she is not rushed.   She also said she feels like in a previous life she might have been a doctor or a nurse because she feels incredibly comfortable in the hospital setting.  Almost like she belongs there.

Stevie noted that she is a confidante of the kids she visits and would never share their secrets.  However, they are brilliant people and really know the truth about the war.  She said the politicians and public would be very wise to visit them and ask them what is really going on over there (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.,)

I for one was totally blown away by this generous, kind, loving, compassionate and totally classy lady.  Is there anything else to say about this but Wow?  I don't think so except Rock On Stevie!.

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