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Stevie Nicks Hair How To

Stevie Nicks Hair How To

Iconic rocker Stevie Nicks is a big believer in the concept that everything happens for a reason.  In recent media interviews she revealed that her award winning song writing career happened as a result of a broken heart she suffered at the tender age of 15 1/2.

Why was her heart broken?  Not only was he the first boy she fell in love with, he dumped her for her best friend after just one month.  Although she was only in 10th grade she has a "lot of amazing memories" and of course she pulls from her past when she writes her songs.

Allowing The Fates To Direct Her Life

When she lost her first love she let the Fates swept her into what her life ultimately became.  She "picked up her guitar and wrote a song about him."  It was during the Summer after her heartbreak.

Although he dumped her for her best friend, that romance only lasted for a few weeks and it was over.

Still Good Friends With Her First Love

Stevie is not good friends with her first love who lives in Michigan, but she told the media "I sometimes wonder had it not been for that experience.."

The Fleetwood Mac star revealed that even when he comes to her shows and brings his wife her heart still "skips a little bit of a beat".  All that from a romance when she was 15 1/2 years old.   Stevie wonders sometimes if not for that broken heart would she have gone so fiercely into songwriting?"  Stevie confesses "I'm not sure."

Stevie's Hair How To

The lovely Stevie has always remained focused on the best hairstyles for her career.  Although she sometimes mixes things up by alternating between no bang and a long layered forehead fringe, her hair has remained very long for the life of her wildly successful career.

Stevie's white blonde base is beautifully lowlighted with an array of slightly darker hues to give her hair depth and dimension and avoid the dreaded one dimensional platinum color.

Whether she supplements her long lush tresses with fusion or clip-in extensions doesn't really play into her hair equation.  What is important is that her hair is probably dry due to the continual hair bleaching and/or highlighting throughout her career.

Step By Step Instructions For Copying Stevie Nicks' Long Lush Hairstyle

1.  If your hair is platinum blonde like Stevie's hair, cleanse only 1-2x a week or less on detangled strands.  Use either a Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only Wash (CO) or use a low poo formula.  Another option is to use a product designed to be gentle on bleached or colored hair.  Be sure to only wash in lukewarm water.

2.  Rinse well and then apply a moisturizing rinse-out conditioner from the tops of the ears down to the ends.  Detangle hair in small sections with fingers or a smooth wide tooth comb.

3.  Once hair is detangle completely rinse well and finish with a cool or cold water rinse to close cuticle and seal in moisture.

4.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5.  Apply leave-in styling cocktail which may include, but not be limited to a leave-in conditioner, defrisant and mousse or styling cream.

6.  If hair is naturally straight or slightly wavy consider allowing hair to air dry.  If this is not an option, use a long finger diffuser on a low, cool setting and work through small horizontal sections at a time.

Note: For a straighter set use a wide barrel 100% boar bristle paddle or round brush and a blow dryer.  Use the brush in conjunction with the blow dryer set on a low, cool speed.  Dry individual sections until the entire head is dry.

7.  Apply a light spritz of shine or styling spray.  Use fingers to arrange strands or brush lightly with a boar bristle paddle style brush.

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