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Melissa Rycroft NOT Next Bachelorette

As prevously revealed by Reality Steve, Melissa Rycroft is NOT the next bachelorette.  Jillian is.  Why?  According to reliable inside sources, Melissa, who is so lovely and from Dallas, Texas, is fed up with the experience on The Bachelor and wants nothing more to do with it.

According to Reality Steve, in the ATFR2 ceremony tonight, Jason and Molly will reunite and discuss their journey towards love and marriage.  It is also likely that Jason may propose to Molly although that is still an unknown.

Keep in mind that the Final Rose Ceremony was filmed at the end of 2008 before the various Christmas and related Holidays.  Also keep in mind that After The Final Rose Ceremony was filmed a few weeks ago and After The Final Rose2 (ATFR2) was filmed last week.   ATFR2 air tonight on national television on ABC and Melissa chose not to be present.  A "letter from Melissa" is supposedly read on air wishing Jason and Molly well.

Is the letter really Melissa?  It is unclear.

However, the sources who have been right to this point told RealitySteve that Jillian is definitely the next Bachelorette and it will be announced tonight during ATFR2.

Stay tuned.  More Bachelor drama to come.

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